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  1. i sort of figured that. You are the one that help me the first time with this same issue. Now I look at alot of boards and see tons of people asking. If they don't I will just start a new post with a better title.
  2. would someone please make a sticky post named the offical "Floating a 4th shell in a Benelli" thread and link it to this post. http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=16917&page=2 People on here and on Shotgunworld are constantly asking about how this is done. And the title of the above link doesn't elude to its actual content so many people have trouble finding it. If there was a sticky thread and it was titled correctly then search engines would also find it. I answer a question at least once a month on this topic for someone. Just my 2 cents
  3. http://www.mpcsports.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=106
  4. I am wanting to add further recoil reduction to my SBE II. I know benelli has a mercury cylinder for the SBE I but that it will not fit in the SBE II. Could I take a two round extention and possibly fit it inside a two round extension tube? Or is there another type of reducer. I know the extension tube idea sounds alittle crazy for most people but I have a small machine shop and can make fabrications if nessasary. I am mainly concerned if it would physically fit inside the extension?
  5. I am a government employee and although I did not agree with MANY of his policies I would give anything to have Clinton back in charge. Many things in my job have changed under the current admin. I don't care what the guy did in his spare time.
  6. I'm with Nolaboy1. Last week I bought a SBE II and haven't been very happy with it so far. I can't get it to pattern consistantly with Black Cloud or with Hevi-Steel and it is shooting higher than point of aim (and yes, that is with my line of sight flat on the rib). Plus compared to my gas operated Browning with a limbsaver I believe the recoil is twice as hard. And to top it off the buttpad will fall out if you hit it the least bit. In my opinion and only MY opinion this gun is way over priced and over rated. I may change my mind when I get a chance to shoot some lead.
  7. got one, haven't seen another in years. Can't say I ever hunted with it much but my dad bought it for my first shotgun and I will proably never get rid of it. I need a replacement magazine cap for it if you ever run across one.
  8. I'm going to pick up a kicks's high flyer for my SBE 2. I have a Improved Cylinder for it now and when I patterned it the other day I thought it was a little big. I am shooting Hevi-Shot Hevi-Steel #2 at mallards, wood duck and geese. What kicks tube should I use? Modified? I hunt on some medium sized lakes and small beaver ponds.
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