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  1. Seems like jeff foiles new that is goose was cooked.Heres the news FWS.gov?/midwest/News/release.I think that is right,check it out.
  2. Does anyone know for sure if benelli is taking legal action against remington for the versamax design, in my opinion it is as close to being a copy as you can get,and not just the argo system, the bolt, the stock, i have heard that the are.
  3. Is the black matte finished on the american series of sbe and m2 of sub quality?Seems like a lot of people are having problems with rust.or is it the same that is on the comfort tech black matte version of sbe and m2.
  4. chop123

    flat rib sbe

    I was at the gun shop today and they had two old model sbes with the flat ribs,they were pretty beat up but actions were smooth as silk,blueing gone stocks dinged and scratched,asking $599 for one $699 for other, good prices or not,what problems did these older models have?
  5. chop123

    jeff foiles

    Has anyone heard anything new about the Foiles case,I see the club is up for sale,is that because of the trouble he is in,or was it already for sale before the legal stuff.What do most people think of him?I just got a dvd this season of his,i always get a waterfowl hunting dvd of someones every year,his just caught my eye.
  6. chop123

    M2 Barrell Wear

    I think it is ok, mine looks about the same i have alot of rounds shot in mine also.
  7. I just purchased a wolfe +25 spring for my m2,i need to know if this is money well spent.I am looking to hear pros and cons on the subject.I shot it this evening and had a few jams,the shells were wal-mart cheapos,the crimps seemed to be getting hung on corner of the chamber.I hope that is the problem.Looking hear any feedback,Thanks
  8. Goose and duck season went out the last of january in the northern neck area of virginia,and now i am covered up with honkers.It seems to be more here now than all season,i think it is because of all the snow on the ground,but i have always said the season could run to mid february and it would not put a dent in there population,any thoughts?THANKS.
  9. chop123

    last day

    Last day of the season for the Northern Neck area of Virginia, and we had a true blizzard,could not see anything,the road or any birds,a little snow would have been fine,but not this.Oh well thats the way it goes some times.I did not do as well as i did last year,hunted alot by myself this year, dad had pnemonia and brother had new baby.I did better on ducks but way down on geese,they really didnt hit the winter wheat fields,and that is what i had permission to hunt on,even my waterfront spot was pretty dry.I am already depressed and thinking of next season and what new gear i need.Thursday i had about three hundred over me but none would come lower enough for shot,they were seeing the blind it was a bean field,flat and a tough hide.Anyway how did you guys finish up?
  10. I know this a benelli site,dont fear i still have my m2,but the little wife went half on an extrema2 for christmas,and i am trying to find out how to take apart the rotating bolt and firing pin out for cleaning.It is very much like the benelli,but the pin does not have the rubber o-ring on it,seems like it has to be tap out,dont want to break anything.I really could use some help, pictures if possible,thanks
  11. Not to bad today two honkers and two mallards,should have been three ducks but my gunning was subpar,if my brother or dad had been with me we really could have wacked the geese,about twenty came in,two is the limit.
  12. Guys how are your season going thus far?Mine is really sucking so far,the geese dont seem to be here like they were this time last year.They also are not hitting the winter wheat like they usually do early in the season,strange.This time last year i had did some real damage,so far only two geese,in a field,water is where i do best.I live in Northumberland County,Virginia.
  13. I live in Northumberland County in Virginia and our goose and duck season starts this weekend,it seems that its going to be very slow.It does not seem to be hardly any geese here,I saw a few flocks,but nothing like last season,i am kind of worried.The ducks are always very late.
  14. chop123

    new beretta

    Hi,has anyone heard anything on the new model A-4OO?They are set to release it at the end of the month.It is said to be a 3.5,and better than the extrema2,so is the extrema being shut down?Anyone have any info,it has been kind of quiet.
  15. I know this is kind of off base,but does anyone do any crow shooting?I have an electric caller and a manual call,i have hunted them for about four years,did pretty good early,but now they have gotten really smart can only one to come in one sitting.There are still tons of them around,they will come and sit in a tree about 300 yards out.I have a crow fighting,crow and hawk fighting,and crow and owl tape
  16. Tucker, seems like you have a sweet tooth for the maxus,whats up?I think i do too.
  17. chop123

    sbe taking shots

    I saw an ad in the North American Rifleman Magazine for remingtons new 887 pump,the recoil was being compared to the sbe2,and it was claiming less recoil than the benelli,come on now,is there any justice in the world,could this be true,a pump being softer than an auto,i do not think so.Any feedback.
  18. chop123

    still no maxus

    I rode to Ashland Va today to check out Greentops,Gander Mountain and Basspro still no maxus to be found,the Greentops salesman told me he had held the gun and said that it was very nice,and he thinks that it will do very well,but he still did not know when they would be coming in.I asked if they had sold any vinci he said they had sold a few.They had a lot of nice guns on clearance, must be getting ready for the fall new stuff,making room.
  19. I got my last bird yesterday a nice 21 pounds,two birds came in to my decoys,first time put out decoys this year,had to shoot him laying flat on my stomach,never practice this shot before,he was pretty mangle broke wing and leg,now the long wait begins until the fall hunting seasons.
  20. Has anyone seen the maxus interactive site,boy they are really trying to put the hurt on us.They show videos of the trigger groups locktimes,one is for sure a benelli's being the slowest.They also showed muzzle jump comparison against a benelli and beretta,benelli was the worst. It is a nice site too.
  21. I got my second bird today,my brother and i sat up on him early this morning with no luck.I knew he was still in the area,but my brother went to the house.A hen came by with tom in tow, to far for a shot.So then i went into stalk mode,got busted by the hen but she didnt spook,i stood in one spot for at least 20 minutes,she just kept on feeding,giving me a long look ever so often.He finally gave me shot and it was over,federal number 5s did a job on him,she really must have been tired of him,she could have putted and it would have been over!
  22. Last wednesday the 15th i killed a gobbler,he was 21 pounds with one inch spurs,i took pictures ,but i do not know how to post them.Monday i had one surprise me and i missed,i cant figure out how,i still thought it was a good shot,to sure of myself i guess,peeping over the barrel i think.It hurt though because the hunting been hard,lots of jakes on the properties that i hunt.
  23. For those few guys that have the vinci,how is the recoil with magnum loads,waterfowl or turkey loads?
  24. Hello,this is normal,nothing is wrong keep on banging.
  25. Today i went to Ashland Virginia,and drop the wife off at the mall,and then i hit the sporting shops in the area.Went to Gandermountain first,no Vinci but they still a had good selection of guns,but they only had about ten cars on the lot,i wonder how long they will last.I then went to GREENTOPS and they had one hanging up,a camo version in max 4.It is not that bad looking.The salesman let me hold it, it feels good,comes up nice and you can notice that it is lighter than than sbe.I did not get to work the action being that salesman was standing right there and that one was not for sale,he said he had more coming but not sure how soon,it was priced though,1399.00.I then went to BassproShop and they did not have one.Greentop is still the best gun place in the area.Oh,no MAXUS to be found!
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