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  1. 10gauge, called Kicks again and spoke w/ another individual and best I can tell is the diff in Kicks and Comp-n-choke is the metal and they way they are ported. He talked me into getting a Kicks .665 for the Win XR #5's. I am going to start w/ that load and go from there. Am going to shoot it this weekend and I will let you know. DA
  2. 10gauge, I hear ya, I even told him about your comments, but he insisted that the .658 and the Win XR #5 was a good combination. I think I am going to try this set up and see what happens. If you want me to I can post my results. Thanks for your input. I dont think Win XR and Hevi-shot is the same thing, are they? I may call him again to get confirmation.
  3. Thanks Mudhen and 10gauge for the info. I called Kicks Chokes and they told me that the Winchester XR #5 was a good choice and recommended a xxx (.658) comp-n-choke. I guess I will start there and see what happens.
  4. I am curious too--just purchased a M2 and bought some Winchester XR #5's and curious to see what choke will be the best. Thinking about Kicks .655 to start w/. If you guys narrow it down through your own research and development, pass it on. Thanks again. DA
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