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  1. Is the button on the bottom of the pump sticking?
  2. I was down there also for the quota, missed the Knight and Hale Crew. I did see about 8 birds thru my binoculers about 300 yards away. Mostly saw was a bunch of turkey hunters all saying the same thing "Heard any Gobbling" I did not hear or yet to hear any gobblin
  3. Okay I have a stupid question. You say that these mounts are for Nova's that are drilled and tapped. IF my Nova is not drilled and tapped is it possible for a gunsmith to drill and tap for a scope mount. It looks thin to me for a mount but have not had a chance to take to my gunsmith:confused:
  4. I bought a Carlson .655 choke (non ported)for my Nova and it worked fine but after reading mulitple post about the Jelly head choke , I bought it yesterday. Wow! what a differance. I was averaging 12 to 18 hits in the kill zone Using the Hevi #5 3 1/2"but with the Jelly Head my count average went up to 20 to 29. @ 40 yards
  5. Opening day correction for me. (April 15th) Just received my quota hunt permit for Land Between the Lakes in Western KY Now April 10th & 11th.
  6. I was was unable to find the Limbsaver pad #10402 for my Nova only the 10401 and it did not fit very well. Sent it back and bought a slip on for my 28" gun. It has helped some. I have been curious about the mercury recoil but have read several post on this site and others that it was not worth the money. I would like to here some other reviews about the attachment.
  7. I got one for my Nova, very satisfied.
  8. April 12th in KY. I have patterened my Nova and will be using a Carlson .665 non ported choke with Hevi 13 # 5 3.5 shell. Last weekend went out to the farm and did some early scouting found a popular feeding area. Scouted this area for possible decoys and blind area. Scouted several other potential areas and walked up on some turkeys. I was pumped!
  9. I have Nova pump and have been using the Carlson .665 non ported choke. I have seen alot of post about ported chokes. I have been thinking about trying a ported choke by Carlson . Which kind do you guys prefer? I have been happy with the non ported but just curious.
  10. I bought mine a month ago and love it. Easy to clean and maintain. I have some complaints about how loud it is to cycle but after shooting with some buddies and listening to there pumps I don't get the complaint.
  11. Hey guys, I just purchased my first Benelli Nova and love it! It does kick like a mad mule but if that bothered me I would have bought a semi. One question any suggestions about the hard pull of the trigger can any thing be done?
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