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  1. http://www.tacticalshotgunner.com/benelli-shell-carriers-c-35_36.html?osCsid=97f9100962637574725c88f3931ac452
  2. a few posts down from this is your answer. "Supernova tactical picatinny rail installation"
  3. Sorry. I've been having problems with my desktop and haven't been on here daily. Otherwise I would have seen this and replied sooner. I don't have my shotty or my manual handy but I will tell you what I remember. You have to take the trigger mechanism out. To do this you push the 2 pins out. They only go one way. Once the pins are out, lift up and remove the piece. Next you'll have to take the bolt out. Easy enough. Lift from the rear and it will slide out. When you get to this step the rubber plugs are exposed from the inside and are easily pushed out from the underneath of the receiver
  4. My SuperNova tactical is the first shotgun I have owned and become familiar with. I regulary shoot and clean pistols and an M16. I guess what my question is what do I need to do to take care of my shotgun? I have a 12ga bore snake I run through the barrel after each time firing it but that's about it. I have taken the trigger mechanism and bolt out once after about about 500 rounds to install the mesa tactical side saddle and cleaned it while I had it apart. surprisingly it wasn't very dirty though. I've not ever put a drop of oil on it and wouldn't know where to if it needed it.
  5. You have to remove the plug in the magazine. Look in the user manual but if I remember correctly it's as easy as screwing the end cap off of the magazine, using needle nose pliers to pull the metal piece out (be careful because it's under tension from the mag spring.) Remove the red piece of plastic then re-assemble. voila! 4+1
  6. I couldn't find the weight of the shotgun in it's factory conditon in my manual but I would have to guess it was alittle over 7, close to 8Lbs maybe. I weighed it as shown with no shells in the mag but with six 2 3/4 00 buck shot and it weighs just under 10Lbs now. As far as balance it feels ok to me. With any mod it will take some firing to readjust to the weapon. Several of my friends have shot it and love it. i get asked alot " why put a red dot on a shotgun?" then I let them shoot it. at close ranges as long as it's in the window you'll hit it. anything further than about 50' just pu
  7. Shown with Mesa Tactical 6 shell shot carrier with rail and Burris Xtreme Tactical Speed dot (XTS-135) Shows that the sight is mounted just high enough to be able to also use the iron sights.
  8. Over all view of my shotgun Shown with TacStar +2 mag extension, Mesa Tactical barrel and magazine clamp with rail, VLTOR Scout mount and a Surefire EL2 Outdoorsman.
  9. I bought the Burris XTS-135 Xtreme Tactical SpeedDot Sight at less than half the price and am very satisfied with it.
  10. Posted in another thread as well, but here it is again. Was holding off as I just ordered these new pieces. http://www.tacticalshotgunner.com/mesa-tactical-magazine-clamp-rail-for-tactical-shotguns-p-47.html?osCsid=6016d53aa7416d9c7ce67ddc594f8a5f http://www.tacticalshotgunner.com/vltor-scout-mounts-p-107.html As seen: Benelli SuperNova tactical with TacStar +2 mag extension, mesa tactical picatinny rail with 6 shell holder, Burris extreme tactical speed dot sight I took the elastic 6 shell holder on the buttstock off.
  11. Wow, looks really nice. I'm jealous haha.
  12. Just shot some 3 1/2" slugs and 3 1/2" turkey loads through my Benelli SNT comfort tech and wow, it was a blast! Didn't kick as much as I expected it to. The SNT is too tame
  13. The light you choose is totally up to you. I'd think that any surefire would be fine. They make a shock tube you might want to get. It absorbs alot of the shock and dispurses it so that it doesn't rattle the interioir workings of the light loose. I also have a SuperNova tactical and went with the TacStar extension and plan on putting this on it for my light. http://www.tacticalshotgunner.com/mesa-tactical-magazine-clamp-rail-for-tactical-shotguns-p-47.html?osCsid=9e38f37ab28c3a28850f3c8bc00148fa
  14. I dunno what I'm doing wrong but I never got it to work
  15. This is where I got mine. Only $39.99 too! http://www.cabelas.com/link-12/product/0005620210794a.shtml
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