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  1. No. of notches Symbol Choke Steel Shot 1 notch * Full NO 2 notches ** Improved Modified NO 3 Notches *** Modified OK 4 Notches **** Improved Cylinder OK 5 Notches ***** Cylinder/Skeet OK
  2. what makes you a super moderator

  3. The cache problem was the first thing I noticed. It is being addressed now. Thanks for the positive feedback. We have not yet had a chance to fully test drive this new site, but initially it behaves like a Ferarri instead of our old Cadillac. There are always glitches to take care of. So if you find anymore, please let us know. Thanks to you all.
  4. Carver

    Change Stock

    You might try contacting Benelli's European company. http://www.benelliarmi.com. Benelliusa does not ship outside the U.S.
  5. The M2 Tactical ships with IC, M, and F Crio chokes.
  6. Carver

    R1 270wsm

    Sorry for the confusion. Yes, 1:10".
  7. Carver

    R1 270wsm

    The rifling twist of the R1 270 WSW is 10".
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  12. You made a good choice. I have an M2 Field in 12 ga. and love it. As far as ammo for the 20 ga., it's always a good idea to go with Benelli's recommendations: minimum of 2-1/2 dram, 7/8 oz. loads. It's likely that the M2 will operate with a lighter load, but no guarantees. Other than that , it should shoot any factory load you what to use. Good shooting.
  13. First, Benelli makes a Super Sport and a Sport II. The only difference I can see is that the Super Sport has a synthetic stock which allows for the ShellView system in the fore end, which allows the shooter to visually check the number of shells in the magazine tube. The Sport II has A-grade walnut stock and fore end. As far as minimun load Benelli's catalog states "Minimum recommended load, use 2-1/2 dram 7/8 oz. loads in all Benelli 20 ga. shotguns."
  14. Your friend is correct, there would be muzzle flash as well as a louder than average report due to the venting. You might consider the M2 or Cordoba for a gun that's more comfortable in the field as well as very satisfactory at the range. Good shooting.
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