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  1. Change your battery. I bet that will fix it. CKruse
  2. Old style Beretta mobil choke. Not the Crio. CKruse
  3. ckruse

    super nova

    The Supernova is tough and reliable. The Comfortech stock is well worth the extra you pay over the Nova, as well as the trigger guard and other small features. I didn't even feel the loads of 3 1/2" steel I shot through mine while snow goose hunting earlier this month. The actions are stiff until they are broken in, but smooth up really nicely. Plus, you'll not worry one minute about what loads it will/wont cycle! CKruse
  4. I wouldn't expect a recall, but I would expect better quality control and not repetition of the same issues that plagued this model in the beginning. The latter would negate the former! CKruse
  5. I recently purchased a late-production Franchi I-12 in the Max 4 camo for waterfowl use. After struggling with the gun for a couple of weeks, I patterned it to find it was shooting any load/ any choke/ any shooter/ approximately 8"-12" to the left at 35 yards! It will fail to feed into battery approximately 1-2 times in a box of shells no matter what the load, and in about 1500 rounds has thrown the bolt handle once (I was able to find it). The gun is going back for warranty repair on Monday. To say I'm discouraged and lack confidence in the purchase is an understatement. I pre-cleaned th
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