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  1. Its simple physics you cant push a payload of the same weight faster without increasing recoil. I think its funny when I see ammo makers claim that there super duper ammo is 2x faster than brand x of the same weight with no difference in recoil......its just not possible and I know its a lie.
  2. BoJack


    Its not recommended, but I don't think a Modified choke would hurt anything, if your choke screws in and out as normal I would say you are good to go. In the future so you can sleep better I would probaly use the cylinder choke for riffled slugs.
  3. Even though they are owned by the same parent company when you get down to the position of "CS rep on the phone" I am pretty sure its ran totally separate and seems like two different companies. Now way back up on the food chain @ corporate where the fat cats make the decisions on how to make the most $$$ for the stock holders, I am sure its probaly intertwined like two virgins on prom night.
  4. Why not save some dough and use the factory Improved Modified?
  5. Just out of curiosity did you have a problem with the factory recoil tube before you switched over to the Sure Cycle?
  6. In all honesty I have used just about every after market choke they make for the SBE2 and I really don't think that any of them did anything the factory chokes wont do, except for my spreader choke(skeet) and my extra full turkey choke, anything in between can be accomplished with the five factory chokes.
  7. My brother bought one and he loves it he shoots great with it and hasn't had any problems with it. He has had SBE 1&2 M2, Beretta 391 Franchi I-12 just about every auto loader known to man, and he said he liked the Vinci better than any of them, I personally don't care for it, I love my SBE2.
  8. Wow that seems like a lot I sent a I-12 back to Franchi and it was way cheaper than that.
  9. BoJack

    M4 vs Saiga 12

    Wow that statement is naive at best. Another poster stated lowest bidder. I would say its more like biggest palm greaser......lol
  10. BoJack

    benelli recoil

    Conny I am sorry, but you are mistaken as well. First lets separate felt recoil from actual recoil gun produces. Actual recoil gun produces is determined from two things only, weight of shot or bullet and velocity when it leaves the muzzle period. Any gun shooting a 1oz slug @ 1800FPS will produce the exact same actual recoil. Now felt recoil is determined how well the gun distributes or absorbs the actual recoil before it gets to your shoulder. There are a lot of things that can determine that. Weight of the gun, action of the gun, and probably the biggest is the recoil pad.
  11. I would say muzzle up is the safer way to go.............my 2 cents.
  12. I have a few items for sale that some of you may be interested in. I want to sale all of them as 1 unit. Any one interested I will email pics. If interested email me [email protected] Thanks. Slightly used 2 shot mag extension for M1 / M2 / SBE 1&2. Briley Ber-Opt Plus for Hevi Shot Turkey Choke tube. Full set of Benelli Criochoke tubes CL, IC, M, IM, & FULL. Franchi CL, IC, IM, & Full factory choke tubes. Benelli black factory chokes made by Trulock in CL, M, IM, & Full Benelli choke tube wrench with thread cleaner (the good one)
  13. It is amazing how people are so willing to become "Sheep" I am afraid that is where this country is heading>>>>> I copy and pasted your post to every one on my email. I hope everyone else does the same.
  14. FieldGunner I didn't take it personal and I am not always right, I just happened to know that I was in this case. Congrats to you also, because now you know and knowings half the battle!
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