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  1. the main difference between the two rounds is the bullet wait inside the case. The 5.56 mm NATO requires a lower barrel twist rate to stabilize the bullet it is recommended to use a 1 in 9 twist rate or lower for 5.56. (which is normally a 60 or higher grain bullet.) I believe the MR1 has a 1 in 9 twist rate that is why it can shoot both.
  2. I use Federal trueball in my Vinci. They shoot great out of my 28 inch smooth bore. I have them shooting dead on at 108 yards.
  3. Tucker is right It is owned by Beretta Holdings. I have be looking and never found the answer. I just looked up Beretta holding and they own a bunch and they are in Finland. I was wrong!! Sorry I was just going by the Customer Service Rep. So I guess Ford and Chery are the same too. Ha ha ha Just joking!
  4. That is not what the CS rep said when I asked him. The CS rep said what I wrote above that they are two separate company's and are NOT related. There is no link to Beretta on this site? There are links to all the company's related to Benelli. I think a lot of people think they are related. Where can I find out they are? I can't find that anywhere that is why I called and asked.
  5. Hello Everyone, I was just on the phone with the Beretta CS. I see all over the internet where people have the idea that Beretta and Benelli are related. Like Benelli and Stoeger. This is not true. They are both from Italy and have a relationship with importing but are two separate company's. Saying they are related is like saying Ford and Chevy are related or Mossberg and Remington are related. I don't have a problem with Beretta but I love my Benelli's I own a M1 a MR1 and now a Vinci.
  6. I too Just bought a Vinci and I traded in my SN slug gun and SN field. I just came back from the range and it shoots Fantastic. I grouped really good at 100 yards with the tru-ball rifled slugs and plan to use it for turkey/ Best shotgun I ever had!
  7. I have removed mine and put a 3x12x40 Burris scope on mine. It works like a charm. Two star screws hold it on.
  8. so far I've only hunted deer and turkey so that has been what king of guns I've looked at makes sense now. I would like to hunt other things sometime that is why I've been looking at Benelli's Semi-auto's. I wanted a Vinci but then I seen the M2 on sale for 850.00 and couldn't pass it up for that.
  9. Thanks everyone for your input. I have a supernova slug gun that was drilled and taped. The other supernova I am not sure what it is. It has the pistol grip but also can shoot the 3 1/2 shells and has a 26 inch barrel. I bought it for Turkey but never had a semi-auto before then I found the M2 on sale at Gander and could not resist. Its a very nice gun. It just seems most shotguns seem to be drilled and taped anymore, at least the ones I've looked at.
  10. Hello I am pretty new to this sight. I just purchased my third Benelli. I must say I am a bit disappointed my new M2 is not drilled and taped for a scope. Both of my Supernova's came ready for a scope. I wanted to get a M2 for turkey and now I still have to pay a gunsmith to drill and tap it. It just does not seem right to spend over a thousand dollars for a gun you still have to have a gunsmith work on. Is it normal for the M2 to not be drilled and taped for a scope?
  11. Hello, I am new to this site. I just bought a Supernova slug gun. I was able to go out today and shoot it. I can only say wow. It shoots like a dream and I can't wait to put a scope on it. Does anyone know what kind of sabots these guns like? I would like to use lightfield if they shoot well out of this gun. Thanks
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