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  1. I use estate ammo too, never a problem.
  2. The shot gun is awesome!!! all I did to was put a youth stock on it. Ive dropped off 2 story building and it still works like its brand new
  3. Great price, In the area I live in people are paying that for a stock M-4!
  4. I have one its a awesome pump shotgun,I also have a M4 ,I do shoot the M4 more though!!
  5. hellfire

    M4 advice?

    Ron, is no joke when it comes to customer service,I bought all my parts for my M-4 from him.
  6. I cant wait to use it!!!Thanks all I do is work so I can buy nice toys!!
  7. I just bought a semi-auto saiga 12 gauge today!!!I shouldnt be allowed in gun stores !!I also bought 2 10 round Mags.I emailed Jim Fuller from Rifle Dyamics,to find out how long it will take for him to customize it for me.
  8. Benelli M-4,Noveski upper ,LMT lower, Bushmaster Ar-15, Krebs AK-74, Knight SR-25, Chandler M-40 A-1 and a mossberg 5OO.
  9. I got a Daves Metals Works from TacticalShotGunner.com I was told by the gunstore that I shop at that if I used a full tube it would void my warranty with them.
  10. I just did it ,it took less then 5minutes!!
  11. Has anyone taken any tactical classes? If so where, and how did your Benelli handle?
  12. Crye Multi-Cam and Vietnam Tigerstripe, Those are my favorites.
  13. M-4s are all over Long Island ,New York!!! Starting at $1600 though.
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