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  1. Cody 6.0 is on the mark. However, a 6.8 SPC variant would be cool, and possibly feasible! In reality, I doubt that we'll see any big breakthroughs with the MR1 rifle since it's following appears to be fairly weak. Perhaps I'm mistaken though . . .
  2. Would you mind posting a picture, or two, of your sling setup, and what brand sling(s) you used to rig it up? Thanks and best!
  3. I'll probably catch flack for this, but... I actually like the look of the MR1 rifle with the comfortech instead of the PG stock! It makes me want to buy one (the stock), and put it on mine! Okay, break my b---s now!
  4. Hey, No Rights! I haven't been on in a while, but it's nice to come back to some good news! Glad to hear you're keeping your MR1, and that you finally got some satisfaction out of Benelli. Thanks for fighting the 'good' fight, and paving the way for others who can benefit from your ordeal. I, for one, will surely be contacting them soon now that I have your input. So tell me, what kind of groups did you get out her with the new sight? Did Benelli do anything (new barrel, bolt, etc.) to your rifle while they had it? Best of luck with her! Best!
  5. Thanks for the info, NoRights! I haven't heard from Benelli, nor are there 'O' Rings in my mailbox. I will certainly call them to politely 'remind' them to send the now available rings to me. Congrats on you 'breaking ground' with Benelli CS! Does this mean that there is a chance you will keep your MR1? Please keep us posted on your hopeful progress with CS. Good luck! Best!
  6. You're welcome for the input, and I'm sorry to hear you're letting her go, NoRights. But if you have to move on, then so be it. May I ask what you're planning on replacing her with? Whatever it may be . . . Happy shooting to you too! Best! P.S. As far as my cleanliness factor is concerned . . . I forgot to mention that if the carbon build-up is real bad, I use a 'mud' mixture of CLP and FLITZ metal polish, applied with an old sock. Works great, but be sure to rinse real good! Again, good luck with your new venture!
  7. Hey, NoRights! I use BreakFree CLP and a brass bristled brush for the tough spots. If it's really stubborn, I'll soak it in CLP overnight. If you do use the brass brush, take care not to hit/brush the O-ring!!! For the inner gas chamber on the barrel I use Q-Tips to get out as much carbon as possible. Sometimes I'll flush it with boiling water after soaking it in CLP. FWIW, I have never got ALL of the carbon out of that area. Hope this helps. Best! P.S. How are you getting along with your MR1 so far? Liking it yet?
  8. Well, now I don't feel so bad! (Just kidding, Cody!) It is pretty pathetic about Benelli's parts situation as you indicated. Then again, they must have some parts. I would imagine that someone, somewhere in this good old U.S. of A. had to send their MR1 back for a repair. That is unless the odds are in Benelli's favor, and every rifle shipped out has been an infallible gem. Imagine that?
  9. You're welcome and thanks, NoRights! Believe me, I don't blame you for having a negative attitude given that you spent hard earned dough for disappointment! I only wish that you had found the darn sight! I know you are not happy with your groups at present using the large ghost ring, but I would bet that if you were to switch out to the smaller peep sight (when you acquire one), you'd be surprised how your groups would tighten up. I recommend you keep hammering away at Benelli CS until proper results are realized. The only other thing I can think of is to go back to the shop that you purchased it from and inquire about it. The sight may very well have fallen from the box when/if they inspected/stored the weapon. It happened to me once with a Mini-14 purchase. The 5 shot magazine was missing from the rifle and box. Sure enough, the salesman found it on the stock room floor (or so he said). Also, I've seen MR1 rifles on display racks that had the second sight (in bag) stapled to the sales/hang tag. Why the heck a dealer would do that is beyond me. Good luck and best! P.S. - Welcome to the forums despite the reason(s) that brought you here!
  10. I'm sorry that your experience with the rifle is negative. You are absolutley correct about Benelli CS being clueless, and that both branches seem to be pulling in different directions. I called them to order up a few spare 'O' Rings, and it took four tries before I reached a CS rep that knew what time it was. She informed me that Benelli USA is waiting for spare parts to be shipped from Italy, and would send me the parts once they arrived. That was almost two months ago. I wish I could recall her name, because she was 'on the ball' (even referenced the part number for me!) I read your other post concerning the 'missing' sight aperture. FWIW, my second aperture came in a little bag stapled to the warranty card. Examine your card, and see if there are staple holes in it. Of course this doesn't help answer where the sight went. Anyway, hope this helped somewhat. Best!
  11. Thanks for the obvious tip! It never occured to me to look at (or really study) the primers after firing. Well, actually I did a few times to check the firing pin's strike mark. I think I would have noticed any other problem, though. In any case, I'll keep that in mind next time I have her out in the field. But, so far, so good with XM193 fodder. Best!
  12. I was curious about it as well. Benelli customer service assured me that it's safe to fire 5.56 from it. Best!
  13. Where ordering parts is concerned . . . the spare parts list booklet supplied with the MR1 is not totally complete . . . I want to order a few spare O-Rings to keep handy 'just in case', and the darn thing's not even shown on drawing 3 on page 8! It's going to be interesting when I try to order the part from Benelli with no part number to reference. I guess I have to purchase an extra cylinder plunger pin (Part # 066V) just to get the O-Ring since it must be an inherent piece of the unit! All kidding aside, I find it odd that the O-Ring's not shown. Best!
  14. You're welcome! I updated it a bit more if you care to take a peek! Best!
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