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  1. Timpe

    M1 RMR

    Is it possible to have a mount installed on my M1 SBS getting old would like to have an RMR on my shorty.
  2. Not sure if you would have a Sportsmans Warehouse anywhere close by you, but the one by me has the SRM's half price around seventy five. I will probably get one for my M4 if they have.
  3. Thanks for your advice. Called CS talked with a very nice person told me what you all said some have had issues but alot haven't, so I'll just keep an eye out for anything abnormal.
  4. Just saw an old thread on this and wasn't aware of this issue. Having bought this M4 used I've come to find out about the gas ports, four or two. Two being the newest configuration. My barrel has four ports is this a warrenty issue where Benelli will replace the barrel or not? Where can I get a down loadable version of a parts manual for the M4? Thanks
  5. Timpe

    M4's & slugs ?

    What do you all use for slugs in the way of chokes. My m4 has a modified, which is ok for rifled slugs but does anyone use rifled chokes, and for three gun especially. I know theirs a million threads on this but I'm to lazy to read have to put the old magnifiers on. Who makes a decent slug choke, would like to try some sabots. Thanks! Tim:confused:
  6. Through a trade I obtained my m4. This weapon is 6 digit sn some normal wear straight stock. The shop was asking 1,1oo. which I guess was fair for the age. They do run a bit high on their guns. I would not consider selling to a shop or at a gun show if I were you. Your m4 sounds primo so I would sell to an individual like everone says. Try AR15.com equipment exchange check it out. Brian Enos fourm is good also. Hate to see you loose it once your out of school working and paying for a family it tough to come up with the money for new toys. Good Luck!
  7. Don't know if anyone brouses AR15.com but in the Rifle/Shotgun parts section in Equipment Exchange someone is selling a new M90 barrel at looks to be a decent price. Don't have that model myself but i'm sure there are a few of you that might be interested.
  8. Timpe

    M4 advice?

    I'm pretty sure the carrier is stock. Yes I saw the Socomguy's full length mag. tube. It's a nice looking tube. Will I need to replace the spring and follower ? Thanks for the advice.
  9. Timpe

    M4 advice?

    My name is Tim,Live in Tennessee really glad I found this forum. I just bought a new to me older M4 and I really am excited about the thought of getting out and seeing what it will do. I'm in need of a part for it though. It has a shell carrier mounted on the left side of the reciever, using a screw through the trigger group to the mounting plate for the carrier it's self. Want to return the gun to origional with the right pin or bushing as the manual calls it. Any idea where or whom might have such item? The Benelli web site doesn't show anything about parts. What to do? Also need so referances to good aftermarket stuff mag tubes ect. Hope you all can help. Thanks Tim
  10. Sorry guess I don't quite have the hang of this won't do it agin Bye
  11. Forgot! How you all doing? Glad I found this forum. Tim
  12. Just bought an older M4 s/n006***, maybe someone could date it for me? But what I'd like to know is who makes the best extended magazine and where can I get oem parts like the trigger assy. bushing ? Haven't got to shoot it yet plan to soon. It's got to be the best weapon I've ever owned next to my Ed Brown Special Forces. They do go togeather nicely though. Need to get the after market web sites. Thanks Tim:D
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