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  1. Did you get the stainless steel one on the Alum. one?
  2. Kip, I received my magazine tube today. Very well done! I hope you will be bring more products to the market. If they match the quality of the tube people will be very pleased.
  3. Kip, the site seems to work fine. I also registered. Edit: Page two is mine!
  4. Kip, please post a link to the store when you have it up and running!
  5. Kip, thanks for the update. I'm looking forward to getting the tube. From the discussions on this board it looks like you are thinking about expanding your business. I'm excited about the stock! I hope you will continue to add additional parts for the M4 to your list of items for sale. Happy Holidays. Thanks Joe
  6. Any info on shipments of the titanium tubes?
  7. The one I picked up a few months back only came with one.
  8. Cleefurd, I would be in for the stock. Sorry to hijack, but would you be interested in doing US made replacement pistons for the M4? With a US made magazine tube and follower available we only need 3 more parts to comply with 922. The pistons would count for 2 more. With the stock your discussing we have compliance. Edit: Would you be interested in making a handguard?
  9. Tried to contact Progressive and their phone is disconnected annd email bounced back. Any idea where I can purchase a charging handle?
  10. Thanks for the info. I'll try one. Edit: have you tried their bolt release button?
  11. I an interested in changing the bolt handle on my M4. I would like to know which ones you like and why. I tried the one from Daves Metal works and I couldn't insert it in the bolt(the original one installs with no problem). Any info would be appricated.
  12. salsantini

    M4 pistons

    I sent some pictures to George Smith of EGW & asked him if he thinks he can make replacement pistons for the M4. I am waiting on his reply. Does anyone know where I might get an extra piston to send to EGW?
  13. I just picked up my new Benelli M4. I'm very excited about this shotgun. I have a question about the legality of the replacement one piece tubes. Is it legal to have a PG stock and the replacement tube installed on the shotgun. I've been told is ok if the tube is US made and also told it is not. I've also been told the only legal way to have the one piece tube installed is to replace the PG stock with a field stock. I'm looking for some clairification.
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