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  1. I will take the sling adapter. Send me a pm since I don't have enough post to ya pm. Thanks
  2. To stay with a lefty I would go with the SBEII with the 24" barrel. Then get the pistol grip and an extended mag tube. That would be a good versatile bird/defense gun. That is a lefty and if you wanted a shorter barrel have it shortened.
  3. Kent 3" #4 and 3 1/2" #4 hase worked to best in mySBEII
  4. I debated between both those guns. After looking at both i felt the M4 was built better. The gun is a blast to shoot, and once you get use to the sights you should not need the different barrel. Hope this helps.
  5. I have the SBE II with the 24" barrel and i love it. I have had it for 4 years now and it is my do everything gun like you are looking to get. You will not be disappointed with the 24" barrel.
  6. I have the mag/barrel clamp that tacticalshotgunner.com sells. I mounted a Surefire M951. I love how it turned out. Simple and functional. Here is the link http://www.tacticalshotgunner.com/mesa-tactical-magazine-clamp-rail-for-tactical-shotguns-p-47.html
  7. I only got one and when i called and asked about only getting one choke and no wrench. CS said that is all it comes with and i could buy the others. If you can convince CS to give you more you are a lucky man.
  8. Here is the link. benelliusa.com/firearms/lefthand.tpl
  9. Go foe the SBEII. The difference is the SBEII will shoot 3.5 mag shotgun shells. Even though you will only be shooting light loads for the small birds. One day you might want to goose hunt with a larger load. Question number 2, the lefty version is specific to a left shoulder. If you look the bottom of the link you can read about the specific design for the left hand shooters. Hope that helps
  10. Those slings look sweet a little on the pricey side though. After looking at the Tactical link web site, I didn't see a mounting system for the Benelli M4. Did you have to do some modification to you stock to mount the sling? I was thinking about using a mount system along the line of the GG&G or the KZ two loop sling adapter. But i have read that those only work on the M1 & M3, not the M4. Or have i been miss informed?
  11. Has anyone found a way to mount a single point sling to a fixed stock m4? Thanks.
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