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  1. pizzadean

    New Member

    gander mountain has one on the shelf right now columbus ohio 1549.
  2. looking for a comfort tech stock for a m2 tatical. have a pistol grip willing to trade. have one for an m1 and a m2 or will trade both
  3. yes will interchange
  4. benelli m1 m2 does the choke tube on the m1 have the threads at the end of the barrel and the m2 have the threads down in the tube a ways????? have one of each trying to get the originals back with the right gun. any advise would be greatly appriciated thanks
  5. pizzadean

    barrel swap

    anyone interested in trading a vent rib m1-m2 barrel for a 18.5 tatical barrel with screw in choke tube front sight set up for benelli ghost ring sight? this barrel only has the front sight
  6. i have a benelli m2 i would sell to you its a m2 tatical w/ ghost ring sights and pistol grip. the only problems i see with the barrel and stock change is you would have to remore the rear sight to use the vent rib barrel ( two screws) but also be advised i tried to find a field stock for mine and found the ones advertised for the sbe and m2 didnt fit. i called benelli and they offer a comfort tech stock but its 3-4 hundred dollars. even though their web page shows a field stock on a m2 she couldnt give me a part number to order one.if your are interested please let me know thanks
  7. i truely understand the world of rip offs. but if you noticed i offer to give my old police dept as reference. i cant make up a pd. numbers in the book. but before i would make a deal not sound legit to other forum folks i would personally check the reference if i was going to stick my two cents into the ring. i put my guns on here hoping to give some one a great deal verses giving the local gun store 20% fee for selling my guns. in this case it worked out good for me and the buyer.i might have a few more benellis in the old vault to sell later on and all i ask is a fair chance to sell them so
  8. thanks for the inquiries. both m4s and accessories are sold. buyer very happy . as for mr 1014 please email so i can give you references for me so in the future you dont run off buyers who will obtain a great deal on benellis i have thanks
  9. sorry i dont have any other post. im a retired police officer in the central ohio area. i just got off work and will send all pics out today. this isnt a scam ju selling out the guns i dont need anymore. buyers can be given my old dept name they can call from the chief down they will vouch for me before any money has to be sent. best i can do thanks
  10. wouldnt let me send email
  11. i have two benelli m4 for sale. thought i would put them on here before gb. both have been shot but well taken care of. have boxes and both have one piece mag tubes finished to match gun. they both have pistol grip stocks but if the buyers are interested i have a benelli field stock and a benelli collasible stock that i will offer for sale to the buyers of the guns. first come first serve. if they dont sale to the buyers then they also will be for sale. 200 for the field stock 700 for the collasible. if you are interested please leave me a message and ill send pics leave me your email. guns ar
  12. since all the experts seem to be on this thread now i have 2- benelli m-4s for sale. what can i expect to be a fair price for the both of them? both have american one piece mag extention with them, both have pistol grip stocks. i also have a standard field stock for one and a benelli collapsible stock for the other. i relize condition is important but i shoot my guns so there're not BRAND NEW IN BOX. they are in great condition well taken care of, maybe 50-75 rds through them. any advise would be greatly appreciated
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