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  1. How much would it cost me to have my standard m4 barrel altered?

  2. What cleefurd is saying is that any of the Benelli's you mentioned are all quality pieces of machinery ,and are more then capable of doing what your asking. No machine is 100% perfect but the odds favor the Benelli's to hold up better then most other brands.
  3. If your serial number is in the pre ban range it's not a problem. Benelli M1 Super 90 M1507xx, imported 12/01/92, pre-ban M17142x, imported 1993, pre-ban M1978xx, imported 08/94, pre-ban M19833x, imported 09/19/94, post-ban* M200050, imported 09/05/94, pre-ban* M200100, imported 09/05/94, pre-ban* M200111, imported 09/05/94, pre-ban* M202200, imported 09/30/94, post-ban M205200, imported 10/04/94, post-ban M201xxx, imported 10/26/94, post-ban M210025, imported 01/1995, post-ban M215900, imported 03/1995, post-ban
  4. http://glocktalk.com/forums/
  5. Great idea going with the T6/T8/T10/and T12 markings Please make sure you save one for me !!
  6. With or without a bad attitude ?
  7. Cleefurd, I still have the stock. I sent you a PM . Pizzadean I returned your email. I appreciate both of you for helping me out.
  8. Pizzadean, I sent you a PM about your M1 stock. I would like to buy it.
  9. I couldn't help myself. With all of the panic buying, and price gouging going on lately.........I just lost all of my politically correct self control .....It's not like I had that much in the first place.
  10. I would like to install a pistol grip stock on my M1 entry gun..anyone have one they would like to unload ?? Thanks
  11. cleefurd, Are they done yet ? whats the hold up ? heck it's been at least 3 days !
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