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  1. What cleefurd is saying is that any of the Benelli's you mentioned are all quality pieces of machinery ,and are more then capable of doing what your asking. No machine is 100% perfect but the odds favor the Benelli's to hold up better then most other brands.
  2. If your serial number is in the pre ban range it's not a problem. Benelli M1 Super 90 M1507xx, imported 12/01/92, pre-ban M17142x, imported 1993, pre-ban M1978xx, imported 08/94, pre-ban M19833x, imported 09/19/94, post-ban* M200050, imported 09/05/94, pre-ban* M200100, imported 09/05/94, pre-ban* M200111, imported 09/05/94, pre-ban* M202200, imported 09/30/94, post-ban M205200, imported 10/04/94, post-ban M201xxx, imported 10/26/94, post-ban M210025, imported 01/1995, post-ban M215900, imported 03/1995, post-ban
  3. http://glocktalk.com/forums/
  4. Great idea going with the T6/T8/T10/and T12 markings Please make sure you save one for me !!
  5. With or without a bad attitude ?
  6. Cleefurd, I still have the stock. I sent you a PM . Pizzadean I returned your email. I appreciate both of you for helping me out.
  7. Pizzadean, I sent you a PM about your M1 stock. I would like to buy it.
  8. I couldn't help myself. With all of the panic buying, and price gouging going on lately.........I just lost all of my politically correct self control .....It's not like I had that much in the first place.
  9. I would like to install a pistol grip stock on my M1 entry gun..anyone have one they would like to unload ?? Thanks
  10. cleefurd, Are they done yet ? whats the hold up ? heck it's been at least 3 days !
  11. Got it . The problem is nobody is making a true picatinny 1913 spec.rail for a Benelli M4. You were referring to a LaRue mount not a LaRue rail
  12. OK the factory Benelli rail will not work correctly with a T1 but a LaRue rail will. correct ? I'm having one of those days so dont mind me if I seem a bit dense.
  13. Duggan, If a T1 wont fit the stock M4 rail what are my options aside from the above pics ? Is anyone making a replacement picatinny spec. part ? The reason I'm not a fan of heavy shoulder weapons is I was a M-60 gunner while I was in the Army. I must have carried that beast at least 50 thousand miles.
  14. I know I'm going to get flamed for saying this....but after you attach all the stuff to the rails ,and transform it into a Swiss Army knife shotgun will there be enough room available to bolt on the axle and wheels so it can be transported ? Give me a good sling & flashlight ,and I'm happy. if I have a tacticool moment I may add a 3.7 oz. Aimpoint Micro T-1. I'm not knocking any products its just my point of view. It reminds me of the current fad with the AR-15's. Such as taking a nice light weight carbine ,and turning it into a 20 pound behemoth.
  15. Mike, It has factory original sights. I wanted to avoid shipping the barrel to have it drilled & tubed . The rear sight is adjustable for windage. With a 14.5 inch barrel & a cylinder bore it patterns 12 inch's at 7 yards with 00 buck. It sorta makes the windage adjustment a moot point . I was toying with the idea to have factory ghost rings installed. I can only imagine the cost of doing that.
  16. I picked up a NIB M1 S90 entry gun a while back. It came with rifle sights. Are night sights available for this configuration ? If so who what & where. Any help would be greatly appreciated !
  17. 6 pages about a $70 magazine extension that the manufacturer said he would make right with no questions asked. Perhaps the $70 would be better spent purchasing an industrial sized bottle of Prozac. No matter what the cost may be NOTHING is perfect. I have never had any dealings with Dave but he seems to be a straight up guy. If you had tried dealing with the problem with whom you got the tube from ,and didn't resolve the issue, or had called Dave ,and he told you to go jump in a lake then I could see making this post. But this entire thing is childish. If I were Dave I would send you a tube of KY jelly mixed with sand along with a note telling you what you could do with the mag extension after reading your rant . Relax a little life isn't that hard. If I offended anyone including the original poster I'm sorry but that's how I see it.
  18. With the use of my ouija board ,and guided by the spirit of John Moses Browning it told me its a 12 gauge "gas operated" sporting shotgun based on the M4. not a zombie shotgun
  19. You could have a rear sight for a Benelli M1 rather then the M4 .Things like this happen all the time.
  20. All kidding aside I used Sellier & Bellot 3 1/4 dram 1 1/4 oz. game loads to break in my M4. Wallyworld Federal 100 rd packs are good also. Stay away from the cheap Winchester ammo with the cardboard /fiber wads. I have been a full time gunsmith for over 20 years. In that time I have seen countless barrels wrecked from those cardboard wads getting stuck sidways in the bore. Usually the next round fired will damage the barrel. At $700+ for a M4 barrel it isnt worth saving a few bucks when buying ammo.
  21. I was kidding about the 00 buck. But you got to try rifled slugs on a sporting clays course. Using those ghost rings really sharpens your shotgun skills.
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