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  1. Dccarper

    1911 choices

    I think the best 1911 for your budget will be a Dan Wesson valor. The only issue is that it's very difficult to find as they only make 200 each year.
  2. How about the magazine tube cap? The one you screw onto the magazine near the muzzle? I will think it should be considered magazine floor plate and counts as one 922r part?
  3. Mike, could you elaborate on the ma tube part? How many US parts do we need to make our M4 922r compliant? I may be paranoid, but this 922r thing has been keeping me from get a full length tube, and looks like I am not alone on this. Yes, ATF might never prosecute 922r alone in the PAST, but who knows what they might do in teh future, especially we have a not so 2nd amendment friendly government now
  4. Can a M4 expert list all the parts our M4 has on that BATF 922r parts list? So we can know how many parts to replace to make it 922r compliant? If this question has been asked many times, I wish we could make the answer to this question sticky
  5. Any updates on this? Now with AWB not an immediate threat anymore, how is the release schedule and pricing look like?
  6. same thing happened to me and the reason in my case is the hammer is not cocked
  7. Hi All, I am happy to report that after manually cycle the M4 for about 200 times( I tied a bunjee cord to the charging handle to make it easier) and fired 20 rounds of slugs, the FTF/FTE issue went completely away. I shot 25 rd of the walmart winchester target ammo last night(the same ammo I was having trouble with before), not even a single hiccup. Thanks all for your kind help.
  8. I am think about install a one piece 7 shot US made mag tube on my M4, but worried about 922r compliant. I have been reading about this and seems teher are 2 answers, someone claims Benelli has already had enough US made parts on the M4 so as long the extended mag tube is US made, I am fine. But others saying that I have to get other 5 more US made parts(mag follower, triggers, gas piston etc.) to make it 922r compliant, or I have to register it as a short barrel shotgun. Please forgive me if you think I am paranoid or this question has been asked before, I have googled and
  9. I am looking at the Benelli M2 tactical with the 18.5 inch Barrel and pistol grip stock. seems it will be a nice HD gun. My question is if I decided to do hunting or skeet/trap shooting with it, can I but a different set of barrel and stock for it? Like maybe get a 26 inch barrel and field stock, is it possible? How difficult/easy it will be to change the stock and barrel? Thanks
  10. Thanks all. Sorry about the typo, I wish it will come with a ACOG. Seems it just needs break in. will manually cycle it help with the break in? I will report back after I hit the 200rd mark. One more question, anyone tried Federal Low Recoil Buck shot with M4, will the low recoil stuff cycle the M4 ok?
  11. Thanks for all the replies. I was using Break Free CLP. The problem I have is fail to extract and fail to feed. All rounds fired properly after I manually cycles the weapon. I think they are related and seems it's caused the ammo is not powerful enough to fully cycle the weapon, as when this happens, it can be cleared if I manually cycle it by pulling the bolt handle. I bought M4 because of it's ACOG system, and thought it should be able to handle a wide variety of ammos. The winchester ammo I used is rated at 1200fps, which I tjought should be enough to cycle it.
  12. Picked up my first Benelli, a desert camo M4 last week. Cleaned and lubed yesterday and tried it out today. To my disappointment it has lots of FTE and FTF, only occasionally it will feed and extract properly. I was using winchester 2 3/4 target ammo I got from walmart. Anyone know what might be the cause? Thanks
  13. Sandman. What did you use to heat the receiver? I am considering get the same tube too but I can't find a heat gun, do you think a hair dryer will do it? Thanks
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