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  1. I know there are hundreds of posts about this but I haven't been on this forum in quiet a while (probably 5 years) is there any new "fix's" I have the largest shim that came with the gun (do they make larger ones?) and raised the bead but still shoots 5-6" high @ 40yds.
  2. OK I shot several boxes of 3" over the past few weeks with no problem...i put in a 3 1/2" Black cloud #2's and holly chiwawa!!! Fingers black & blue again...i have a box of heavy steel in 3 1/2, i'm going to try them and see if they work if not it's 3" for me!
  3. I purchased a Pattern master choke originally for Buck shot and it was horrible, I just started duck hunting again so I dug it out and read the package "for steel shot" so off to the range with 3 1/2 Black cloud # 2's - 40 yards 30" target modified Benneli choke = 142 pellets Pattern master 44 pellets!!! I think I'm going to "accidentally" drop it in the Great Bay! By the way I'm exit 3 in the great state of SOUTH Jersey
  4. Thank you I did just that....I went yesterday but didn't get a shot to try it out!
  5. will the mercury tube be a problem with the inertia system? Oh by the way this is what my hand looks like today, im going again tomorow i just purchased some 2 3/4 sheells untill i recover.
  6. i also forgot to ask how small do they come (hp) and what brand is recomended
  7. how about a protectant to keep it safe in saltwater conditions?
  8. Is that a type of whisle call? Can Brod/ Blue bills be called?
  9. Do you think marsh mud/sand would be a problem?
  10. Ok I did a search and was relieved to find out this "smashing my finger" syndrome wasn't exclusive to me. I went duck hunting yesterday and shot 3 1/2" Black cloud #2 shot and absolutely destroyed my rt middle finger and I had gloves on ! I went last weekend and had a small problem with a sharp plastic edge on the stock but I fixed that, is there any "fix" for this problem? I know "HOLD THE GUN TIGHTER" I'm over 6' 260# with large hands and made a considerable effort to do so and I was ok on the first shot the second ...forget it, towards the end of the day I was almost dropping the gun! I was
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