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  1. I'm have the same type of problem. The 1st shell ALWAYS misfires (and by that time the ducks are already gone) I just bought the gun back on 12/26/08. Contact CS and they were NO help. I have noticed that there is some play in the bolt and i've been told on here that this is what most likely making the "click" noise. Very frustrating cause its cost me a lot of ducks and SOOOO MANY SHELLS!!!
  2. 3 1/2" BlackClouds #2 or #4 25-30 bucks a box
  3. I hunt geese down in MD off of the Potomic River. Lots of birds in the area and always a good time. I got selected for a lottery hunt down at Wye Island (in Queenstown, MD) and it was by the the best goose hunt i've ever been on. Birds were flying everywhere and we limited out by 9AM (3 of us w/ 2 birds each) and we also took a drake and hen mallard there.
  4. I use 3 1/2" BlackCloud's #2 or #4 for ducks BB or BBB for geese can get these between 25-30 bucks a box
  5. is there a way to tighten the bolt? (forgive me if i sound stupid, i dont know much about repairing guns) I do notice the play in the bolt after i slide the action forward. I also noticed that after i slide the action foward and i put upwards pressure on the slide, it makes the bolt tight. Is that how I'm going to have to hunt with this gun? With constent pressure on the action? I live in PA, and do a lot of duck hunting in MD, the season there ends this friday and goose goes out in March so im gonna try to hold off as long as I can before I take it somewhere. We went out on Monday and s
  6. I am having the same issue. Tried contacting customer service, and they were NO help. I am notcing the 1/8" gap when i close it. Is there any way to fix that? I'm getting ready to throw the gun, cause its caused me to miss SOOO many ducks and geese since ive bought the gun (back on 12/26/08)
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