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  1. Is there a 'Folding stock' that fits the M4? I know of a collapsible one, but it's not a side folder..
  2. I noticed that Shootersjax is selling a new Benelli M4 for $1499. Link: http://www.shootersjax.com/benellim412guagetacticalshotgun.aspx
  3. +1 for pricing seeming fair. That said, I'm starting to see firearm prices coming down a bit, but that collapsible stock is still as good as gold
  4. I have to agree with Unobtanium. I have not found a single good forearm replacement that works well -- and I had hoped to get lucky with a few purchases off eBay, but nothing worked out. Oh well. Ultimately a solid clamp mount to the mag tube might be your best bet.
  5. Have you tried gunbroker? Might be your only bet right now..
  6. I believe the weight difference to be a major factor. The less weight, the less I need to carry around, the better. ...which reminds me I should probably get back to the gym
  7. Post some pictures up when you get a chance. You may very well have gotten a great deal.
  8. +100 for Glocktalk. You may find you start to spend more time there than any other site.
  9. Ooh, tempting. Where can we get one? Cost? Nothing on GB yet.
  10. The reason I did not see one in the box, is that it came already in the tube! (Duh!) I'm so used to having to assemble everything from screws on up that I assumed it was missing. Thanks to the folks who responded..
  11. Recently purchased a new M4. Stock right now, so use your imagination for the picture. Anyway, I was assembling it (no problems with the bolt insertion, as some others seem to have had) but I'm curious if the tube should have a spring in it? I did not see one in the box.. Also, is there a FAQ for the M4 on this forum? I haven't broken it in yet, but want to make sure I clean it properly before I do (seems like CLP is the way to go). Thanks in advance!
  12. I am interested in one as well. Please PM me or advise how I can acquire one. Thanks!
  13. I have the opportunity to buy a used (like new) M1014 with non-telescoping stock and USA flag. What's a good price range for this?
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