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  1. I know that I am new to turkey hunting but I have the RTX slate call from Bass Pro Shop and it sounds really good, it sounds good and you can call real soft on it, I have 2 other calls and can't get them to sound as good this one. Just my thought but I will be checking out some of these other calls
  2. Mudhen, you are correct, I did not mention anything about a Remington 870, and there is a good reason for that, here is a shot story about an 870 that you might find funny. Note: I am not new to hunting or shooting. I orginally bought an 870, purchased several different loads and was excited to pattern my new gun. After the first shot nearly rattled my teeth out I thought that maybe I just did not have a tight enough hold on the gun, next shot, pulled the gun tight to my shoulder, squeeze trigger, gun goes boom and after stars fad from sight check target, gun patterend well, I shot that gun
  3. Mr. Mac Thanks for your info, as far as the $1000 issues goes, the $1000 is a good deal of money but when it comes to a gun it really is not an issue.
  4. I am new to turkey hunting and looking for a little help. Right now I am using a Benelli Nova and I want to buy a new shotgun but am unsure of what to get. Here are the two guns that I am thinking about, the Benelli Super Black Eagle II and the Stoeger Model 2000. Do both guns offer a steady grip and regular stock, or do you have to purchase them seperate or specify which stock you want when ordering. I know that the Stoeger only shots up to a 3" shell whereas the Super Black Eagle II shots a 3 1/2". I have never shot a gun with the steady grip, so one of my questions is does the steady g
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