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  1. I recently bought the Trius One Step, also offered by Cabella. I like it because I can use it when I am out alone. (Cocks and releases with one stroke of your foot). It works very well, throws left, right and center, speed of target is adjustable and elevation is adjustable, also throws doubles. Well worth the $100 price tag. Thom
  2. Thanks"Tucker301", I am slowly catching on to pointing and the sight picture concept (years of rifle hunting & the military taught me to "aim".) Knowing that the majority of the "shot" is above the bead allowing one to keep the target visible makes perfect sense. Thanks to your explanation I've doubled my sporting clays score over the last 3 outings, (from 28 to 54), not much to brag about but a definite improvement. What an addictive sport this shot-gunning is !!
  3. I recently acquired a Briley extended light mod. choke for my Cordoba and patterned it just this weekend. Shooting 7 1/2 Peters loads at 30 yards resulted in 86% of pellets within a 30" target; the majority of shot in the upper 3/4 of the circle. At 20 yards 100% of shot was within the 30" target, the vast majority of that was within a 10" radius of the center. (a little tight but not bad). I have not yet patterned the new choke at 40 yards, but I plan on using it on several sporting clay stations where the pairs are close in and up to 35 yards distant. Of course if I had an O/U ........
  4. Just took my new Cordoba to the local sporting clays range last week and improved my score by 15 hits. Was it the shotgun?, was it a mental thing?, did I just have a good day?,. I'm not sure; but it may be a while before the Citori gets a chance to prove itself again. Confidence in the tool may outweigh other factors. I was initially concerned about the just one choke per station factor but I felt that that didn't weigh too heavily on my misses, more likely I just didn't focus enough. It is comfortable, it follows through nicely, lighter than my O/U, very forgiving on my shoulder, no comp
  5. Just acquired new Cordoba, In patterning with various chokes I note that with several chokes the majority of pellets are in the NW &/or NE quadrants of a 30" circle. I shot from a good rest with bead aimed at center of target. Is this "normal" for a shotgun, I assume that I could adjust for it by holding the bead just below a target with a proper lead versus covering the target. Or is a better approach to shim the stock? Obviously I am new to shotgunning & would appreciate some sage advice from those of you who know what they are doing.
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