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nova goose hunter

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  1. Hi i was looking at the black cloud choke tube. It was a long range one, thats what i was looking for, and i was wondering if i could shoot regular shells out of it like 2 3/4 trap loads or 3.5 steel that is not black cloud. would i still get a good pattern? thanks
  2. i shoot 3 inch remington rifled slugs and they shoot good in improved cylinder, out of my nova.
  3. ive been shooting pidgeons and trap shooting
  4. NOVA, NOVA best gun i ever owned. I dont have the super nova but i have the nova.
  5. where did that come from? Im a poor farm boy so i cant afford any guided hunts.
  6. Im not going to lie, I think you should have shot him, because i would have. But maybe you will get him soon. Dont stress about it.
  7. I like the black sythetic but camo is cool
  8. I use 3 inch #2 shot federal steel or if thats gone I use 3.5 inch #BB steel
  9. I shoot 3.5 out of my nova and i dont feel anything out in the feild.
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