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  1. I have one and I completely love it. A bit pricey, but durable and very effective. If you have $200 to blow, get it. I stuffed mine in a snow bank, accidentally. And it didn't phase it one bit. So far it's improved my shooting quite a bit. The only hard part is getting used to the dot being right even when your sight picture is all messed up.
  2. After dumping $1400 on a gem of a scatter gun like the Vinci, why not get a spead bead and be done with it? I put one on a Stoeger P350 because shells aren't cheap, I'm only 5'8" and the gun is a bit big (LOP wise anyhow) and, I got sick of cripples and misses. I'm debating how I should go about knocking 3/4 of an inch off this thing so I can be a bit more at ease with it. If I didn't love my Model 11 Rem so much I'd still be draggin it out into the duck marsh.
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    Slow year in Wisconsin too. One really good day on a weekend the thursday before the gun deer season. It rained greenheads and bluebills. You just couldn't make out what was what until they were on top of you in the mist. Saw alot of ducks, just not as many as we were used to. Overall, the flight happened late and fast and while us cheeseheads were trying to fill our buck tags. Next year.... I added some gear though to help draw ducks a bit closer. I have 2 new spinning wing deeks molded wings (not plastic cardboard..) and they came with an intermittant timer. Good value good pro
  4. I guess if season was open, and he didn't see you while you were close enough to shoot him, the turkey blundered and could have died with no question of ethics. Sometimes your quarry does things that seem like it's "too easy", to capitalize on this and fill your tag doesn't make you lazy, it's lucky. If you climbed your deer stand and saw a nice 10 pointer laying in range unaware of your presence would ya shoot him? Maybe a more ethical method would be to make him aware of his mistake before you shoot? NOT!!!
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