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  1. my nova did the same thing! in fact I brought it back to the shop and noticed that 4 other nova's were doing the same exact thing. I just had the shop replace the entire carrier and assembly because of the warranty.
  2. I just picked one up for the first time at Gander mtn. today, I cant say its very comfortable and doesnt feel as good as I expected (this is my personal opinion, some my disagree). I would take my m2 field or sbe2 over it anyday.
  3. I did get the 20ga, and I have an SBE2 thats a 12ga. I love them both.
  4. Good deal. Congrats on the graduation. Thats a very nice gun, I just picked up an SBE2 and an M2 field 20ga. My next major purchase will definitely be a Vinci.
  5. VINCIshooter- why do I doubt that you have a Vinci? You sound way to young (just by the way your talking on here) to be able to afford a Vinci. Personally I dont use the sights for waterfowl and skeet.
  6. Hey thanks for replying! Im glad someones a help around here lol I ended up getting the Advantage Camo 20ga. I went out an shot it this afternoon, and Im in love:D
  7. Exactly. But I would definitely try and find a used Benelli over a Franchi or Stoeger, you wont be disappointed. I have an SBE2 and its the best all around gun I have ever owned. It will take anything you throw at it, I use mine for waterfowl,turkey,and clays.If you cant find a used Benelli, or want a new gun for around that price and are set on either Franchi or Stoeger I would go with an I-12, Ive heard good things about them, my buddy has one he loves it. Even cheaper but basically the same thing as the I-12 is the Stoeger model 2000, One of my friends has one and he says its a great gun fo
  8. so my decision is a 20ga m2 field. Im going to pick one up tomorrow from the local shop. But now I have another dilemma, Synthetic? or camo?
  9. I wish i had the funds to get both right now haha I think im leaning more toward getting the 20ga since my sbe is a 12. I picked up a 20ga M2 today at the shop and it felt perfect in my hands and I also dont own a 20ga at all so I am excited to get one.
  10. Im looking at buying a brand new m2 field, but I cant decide between the 12ga or 20ga. I will be using it for turkey,fowl, and target shooting. Which will be more beneficial for me to purchase? I also am wondering if they will eject low brass loads? thanks! -Jay
  11. Has anyone removed a shell limiter from a Nova pump? Mine is only holding two in the magazine and I'm not exactly sure how to remove it and it doesn't say how in the manual. Anyone that could walk me through it? I just use it for target shooting so I'm not worried about any laws that restrict the amount of shells in the mag. Thanks!
  12. My buddy just picked it up, I got a chance to shoot it last weekend and like jtk47 said its very well balanced. I only put a few rounds through it but it was very smooth. Seems like a solid/sturdy gun. Also didn't have much recoil which was a Plus.
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