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  1. Happy Birhtday and hope you have many more!! (birthdays that is)!
  2. Sorry to hear of your injuries. Hoping you have a full recovery and without any serious complications. Back injuries are tough to recover from, so take it easy for a while.
  3. Would appreciate being included in the initial offering as well. Thank you!!
  4. "Vegetable oil? Are you sure about that? Wouldn't vegetable oil get stinky and attract bugs over time? I was thinking of some leather treatment that I have for my Coach handbags. That stuff seems like it would be perfect for the Benelli leather sling." Lisa, you are correct. Vegetable oil (while it may soften leather) turns rancid as it decomposes. Don't know about the bugs, but it will stink, and possibly stain your clothes on contact. Use a leather treatment, or saddle soap, or something meant for leather, not salads!!!
  5. I got my "your order has shipped" email this morning also. For time reference, I had ordered at the Carriercomp online store on 8-12-09. Thanks Kip!!
  6. Sorry to be so uneducated about gun laws, I'm new, and trying to learn as much as possible as quickly as I can, and you all have been very helpful--thank you--, but why does a collapsible stock make a difference??. If it's made by Benelli for an M4, why is that different than the standard pistol grip stock, as far as number of imported parts is concerned; or is there another factor involved?
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