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    i`m 42,live in tampa,florida
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    guns,beer drinking,fishing,computers,banging bitches at the bars
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    pool industry
  1. my shotgun is cocked and loade for that!
  2. your lucky!i called benelli,and they only sell that stock to leo and military now.
  3. just purchased a sp350,and took the limiter out so it holds 5+1;but not sure if magazine tube unscrews.do the tubes swap out to work on my model;or do you make an extension?i`am a new shotgun owner,so excuse me.also,called benelli about the skeletonized m4 buttstock and they said they only sell to law enforcement or military!is this because it is not a u.s. compliant part?there are tons of aftermarket m4 stocks for other shotguns.thanks for your help!bob
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