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  1. I hunt Pheasant in NJ that are farm raised birds. I have been using the stock modified choke on both my super sport and also the vinci shooting #6 Fiocci golden pheasant loads. Been having good luck but noticing that a lot of kills aren't clean and have to chase after birds and this could all be to me needing more practice with clays. But was wondering if im using the right choke or if I should change it up or even buy an aftermarket choke???
  2. yea, im going turkey hunting this weekend and never got a chance to pattenr both chokes because of the weather we've been having.. not sure if i should stay with the vinci full chokes or use the supersport extended full choke
  3. I havent got the chance to see which choke patterns better. I have a Supersport and a Vinci and the chokes are interchangeable. I was wondering if anyone has has patterned the extended chokes vs the flush on the vinci and which seems to throw a better pattern
  4. i see what your saying, but if its cycling the first 2 shells and wont load the third then its something more than breaking in the gun with heavy loads, but thanks for your help
  5. and why the third shell but never the second?
  6. poor mounting? whats mounting the gun have to do with it firing? anywho... its not my first Benelli. Ive owned a Supersport for i guess 4 years now. I have not used heavy loads yet. i cant see dishing out the money to shoot 100 heavy loads. Ive shot about 350 light target loads out of it and yes it only does it on the third shell never the second. Not sure if it does it all the time or every so often. i took it out to a sporting clays course twice.. your only allowed 2 shells at a time but i believe the 3 times i did put 3 shells in 2 of the 3 the third shell got stuck.
  7. anyone have a smiliar issue or can offer up a quick fix? id hate to send it in to Benelli and wait 4-6 weeks
  8. Ive had no problems with the Vinci besides the fact that on the third shell for some reason it gets stuck while its bringing it into the chamber. Only on the third shell though. it gets stuck while its trying to bring it up into the chamber.. pretty weird
  9. Anyone put a spead beat or a red dot sight on the vinci for say turkey?? which one fits the vinci well?
  10. i just realized that my supersport extended chokes fit my vinci. Has anyone used this before? I want to make sure its ok to use
  11. good to know.. thanks for the info!
  12. good deal, does it dry or keep an oily finish?
  13. tucker, you take the comfortech pads out as well and apply armorall?
  14. Does the gel pads and comfortech pads overtime get ruined from being in the water? You know, crossing rivers or lakes or what have you. Overtime to they get worn from the water?
  15. has anyone taken out or now how to take our the plug for the vinci? I see in the manual how to take the magazine tube out with the allen wrench but all that seems to be there is the spring. Is the plug there as well?
  16. malakaz

    vinci help

    Hey guys. Just got my new vinci today!! Has anyone else found it very very hard to twist the stock and barrel together? I got it on the first time with a lot of force and since then it is a little easier but still requires quite a bit of strength. Maybe it just needs to be broken in?
  17. malakaz


    my vinci comes monday!
  18. i was either told or read that shot placement should be 60/40 (60% high) but that seems a bit odd? does this have any truth to it or should it be 50/50 or even more dead on point
  19. Not to rain on your parade, but i bought mine 2 years ago $1650 NIB. Might want him to reconsider his asking price :\
  20. malakaz

    camo cleaning

    I just purchased a new Vinci in Max-4. I have heard and read just a damp towel will do the trick on the camo finished parts. I have Birchwood synthetic safe gun cleaner for my other guns and it also has a picture of a camo gun. Has anyone tried this on their camo finish or dont even take the chance with it? Thanks
  21. malakaz

    M2 or I-12

    Looking for a waterfowling gun. Was set on an M2 for the longest, but then ran into the I-12. I havent had much use with Franchi's. What do you guys think?
  22. thanks, ill take a look
  23. looking for a 12GA M2 max-4 28" barrel. Shipped from an FFL to my FFL. I will pay shipping obviously.
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