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  1. The newer (crio) slug barrels and the field barrel are the same outside diameter, so a different forearm would not be needed. If you purchased a used ER Shaw slug barrel, then you would need a different forearm as it has a greater outside diameter. As for which way to go, I would call customer svc and see what prices are and what is available. If you buy the slug gun, you would need the barrel and chokes. If you go the other route, you would only need the rifled barrel. If you need it now, are both options in stock? If you want to buy the barrel used, it would probably be easier to find th
  2. If it's a new crio barrel, your forearm should work. If it's an older ER Shaw barrel, the barrel walls are thicker so a different forearm would be needed. I can't help you on the color.
  3. ER Shaw rifled slug barrel for Benelli SBE or SBE II. Bore bright. Good Condition. Base mount included (no forearm). 12 GA. $450 OBO - shipped. Thanks.
  4. Haven't had the stock apart in a while, but if I recall correctly, they are all connected to one another from the inside. All on the same strip of rubber (or whatever).
  5. Hey Begbie, If you are worried about the sights, I have an original ER Shaw slug barrel I'd sell you that doesn't have any sights on it, just the scope base.
  6. Didn't experiment too much. It shoots Remington copper solids with marginal accuracy, but Hornaday SSTs hold groups at 150 yards at about 1.75 inches. Probally under 100 rounds through it. I don't think Shaw makes a bbl that doesn't shoot well.
  7. ER Shaw rifled slug barrel for SBE or SBE II. Bore bright. Good Condition. Base mount included. 12 GA. $450 shipped. Thanks.
  8. Hey Lisa, Hope you got it all worked out. Rub a few coats of vegetable oil in the sling with your fingers and it will soften right up and keep from cracking.
  9. jhare


    Hey tkaiser. Still have this setup? Let's talk.
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