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  1. I do not know mudhen, but that is what Benelli customer service told me to do. 2 different reps same instructions.
  2. They said to clean the pad and gun with rubbing alcohol and that would make the pad sticky. That is supposed to keep it from falling off. Oh and I got it today.
  3. I am not sure that this is not the place to voice dispeasure with Benelli...I believe that the Benelli Customer Service and Sales would do well to read frustrations and concerns with the gun. I too recently had an issue with my SBE II. I voiced a question in this forum as well. Benelli makes good guns, but I, as a customer, pay more for that quality. In reviewing this site there are a lot of "Fixes" for these rather expensive guns. These should really be handled and fixed immediately. If I buy a Geo Metro, I do not expect the same kind of quality as with a Cadillac. One would assume tha
  4. I spoke with customer service again today, and they told me the gel pad has shipped out. I should have it soon. I took a couple of phone calls but I should be back in business this weekend.
  5. granted, I was a little p!$$ed off. Mine hopefully should be coming
  6. Tucker I really have liked the SBE II, I do like the gun. And yes you are correct that an 870 could come apart as well. The fact that bugs me is that I call Benelli because my local dealer says that is "normal" and there is nothing they can do. Benelli says they know it is an issue, and they will take care of it. 11 days later it still has not left the factory. I have less of a problem with the fact that the gun itself has a flaw than the customer service sending out a part during an already short season. You are right this should have been taken care of by the shop where it was purchased
  7. Me too Pubbing Alcohol is a good thing
  8. I write a complaint on a $1500.00 shotgun that has $80.00 parts that fall off. You are obviously right that I have no right to go to a Benelli website and complain about my Benelli shotgun. What was I thinking? To express a complaint about a specific gun and the makers customer service on their website and forum.
  9. Field and Stream has a good recipe for goose and white bean stew
  10. we buy 1500.00 shotguns and have to use electrical tape to fix them???
  11. So here I am on hunt #4 with my new SBE 2 when I noticed that the recoil pad is gone. This was not a hard hunt, no tall grass, no thick reeds, this should not have gotten knocked off. Both local gun shops tell me this is not uncommon and carry them for $80.00. On October 22, I call Benelli to inquire why parts are falling off an $1500.00 gun, and they tell me this is a result of a bad batch. They will send me a new one. I need to rub some pubbing alcohol on it and this will make it sticky and the new one WON'T FALL OFF. I am still waiting so I called today November 2. I was told that the go
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