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  1. It first did this at the ft Benning 3gun. It was stock in everyway. It occasionally locked up over the intervening 2 years. I added 922r parts. I finally put the benelli tube on it without the constriction. It still did locked up The second gun was taken to Briley by the previous owner and they did some mods to, 922r etc. I added the Nordic tubes Last month. The lock ups occur in matches so I never really have time to diagnose the cause or take photos. I have not been able to reproduce the lockup by hanfloading dummy shells during loading practice.
  2. It was doing this with the stock setup.
  3. Lots of rounds. Over 500 rds. Mostly Winchester aa silver bullet. Sometime one is on the follower. This weekend it wasn't.
  4. How has the ffg titanium 3/4 handle held up over time?
  5. Anyone using the fft handle? Any long term reports on whether the to gets chewed up?
  6. Have had a couple of malfunctions in which the action locks up with the bolt back. Usually pressure applied to the carrier frees the action. Sometimes it doesn't Any ideas what's going on?
  7. Well, that's interesting. Guess I will be living with it or turning it.
  8. Anyway, I replaced the pistol grip with the field stock last night. any advice on a way to tighten the field stock up? I am amazed at how simple this replacement was. Unscrew the pistol grip, screw onthe field stock. If I add one turn tot he stock, it is a little mis aligned with the receiver. I trist tightening the nut inside the back of the stock that is under the recoil pad, but it is already tight.
  9. Oh well. Anyway, I'm going to keep using my m4 in 3 gun for awhile. I did get to pick up an m2 yesterday and it was quite a bit lighter. That said, I'm going ahead with my project . . . . Lol
  10. Must have missed something. Better suited for a specific purpose. Didn't mean to get wadded up manties!
  11. And when you write ATF they will con up with something diffent than all the other letters.
  12. I guess I should have clarified before someone gets the wrong impression of what we are talking about: In the 3 gun world, the M2 reigns king. I, being hard headed, like my M4.
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