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  1. You can call Benelli Customer Service and ask, but don't be hopeful. If you find one let us know.
  2. According to the 2010 Standard Catalog of Firearms the SBEII was introduced in the 2005 model year. So being a 2002 SBE II is doubtful. If you can lay your eyes on the weapon, then look on the receiver just below where the bolt locks in the open position. My receiver plainly says Super Black Eagle II there. Either he has the year wrong or has the model wrong. Also the Excellent condition price of the SBE according to above is $950. This means that the weapon is in "100% original factory condition without refinishing, repair, alterations or additions of any kind. It must be 98% with resp
  3. Andy, thanks for the tutorial on exchanging the gel combs on the comfortech stock. Since I put a Nikon Monarch Red Dot Scope on my Super Black Eagle 2, I needed to place an extra high gel comb on my comfortech stock. Didn't take off the stock nor resort to extreme violence. Direct force was needed. Got a large sized slotted screwdriver and worked around the edges of the gel comb that came with the comfortech stock with the stock still attached to the receiver. This "loosening" it up may have saved a lot of force later on I reckon. Then worked the rear out by pushing forward on i
  4. Getting through the phone to them is the biggest problem. They good stock and had decent prices compared to e-gunparts for the comb I was looking for.
  5. Can anyone get anything from Federal? I haven't seen a Federal rifle or pistol primer available in months?
  6. How long did it take you to get them in after you ordered them ( if you have recieved them by now)?
  7. Those shot sizes are illegal here in Kentucky for hunting turkeys. I don't know where you are, but I would check.
  8. Rebate is $5/box up to $10 household. We all wish they were giving them away!
  9. I didn't make it to the back page to see that. Got some blend to pattern out with my Jellyhead.
  10. First let me state that I have no financial interest in this company. It's been hard finding Magnum Blend in stock. Just thought I would share in case there was need. Midsouth Shooter's Supply. Sorry I could post a link. My post count is too low.
  11. Been a lurker for a few months and have finally brought home a SBE II 26" APG. Would like to thank those providing "real world" advice.
  12. If I read that correctly it expired on 12/31/09.
  13. I would definitely consider a left handed R1.
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