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  1. very nice., I was thinking it would be real nice to remove the first 3 or4 inches off the side and bottom rails. panabox I'll be your first customer, how much to shave the rails?
  2. Or people live in stupid states that outlaw collapsible stocks. I realized our gun laws suck but never knew exactly how much until now.
  3. and a pistol grip? Damn you're lucky. Mass laws is 10 rounds for rifles but specificially limits shot guns to 5rds with pistol grip. This is all only for semi-auto, pumps aren't included.
  4. The site where I found the info was Mass specific, sorry. Basically Mass has the same rediculous laws as Cali. I need to move.
  5. well damn, I just spent an hour researching the stupid gun laws in my state (Massachusetts) and apparently I can't have both a pistol grip and a magazine that will hold more than 5 rounds. I hate this stupid state. Now I have to decide if I should keep the gun as is and cancel this order or look for a non-pistol grip stock.
  6. I'm hoping lead time isn't too long since I just bought one. The parkerized is the color to match the gun, correct?
  7. I just ordered one too. Can't wait for it to arrive.
  8. I got your number. I will call you in the morning since it's pretty late here.
  9. Please send me a pm if you have any left. Thanks.
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