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  1. I've been looking for a cordoba for almost a year now. Is there any way you would take less than 1450? They aren't much more than that brand new. I'm very interested, so if you'd message me back I'd appreciate it.
  2. Looking for a Cordoba. Max-4 or black synthetic.
  3. Ive been to commerce watershed a few times, Hartwell lake (most success), and the Savannah River on the South Carolina border.
  4. Hunting in Georgia has been decent, looking alot better than last season so far.
  5. Im very interested, let me know if its still available.
  6. Thanks for sharing. That'd be an amazing hunt.
  7. Still looking, i want a 12 ga, barrel length really doesnt matter 28" or 30" will do. MAX-4 or Black synthetic.
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