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  1. There's also some sheep dip products that are used in a cleansing bath located on commercial sheep ranches. The sheep are immersed in a bath containing pyrethroids (synthetic permethrins) or diazinon (a very high LD50 organophosphate insecticide that we used to use quite often in our turf care against grubs). These products kill the lice and other chewing/sucking insects on the sheep and in it's fleece. I've experimented with washing my hunting clothes in this bath but there doesn't seem to be much repellency toward deer ticks. Probably kills them on contact in the liquid state, though.
  2. n8g: "15 pellet 00 buck" 410_bore: Whoa. Those must be the Jackalopes, with antlers.
  3. Permethrin was originally extracted from chrysthanthemum flowers in the 1940's by Imperial Chemicals (the agricultural product division was merged into Syngenta about 1995) but now is synthesized. It is a safe and effective insecticide. Here's something that is pretty cool. Gash a cherry or pear tree and it will exude a sticky, viscous gum over the period of two weeks. The tree produces this exudate to prevent insects from laying eggs and boring into the gash (insect pheromone repellent). Take a knife and remove the exudate. And then apply it to the ends of your pants, shirt an
  4. As a favorite O/U, I'd have to go with the Browning Citori 16-gauge, but my upland favorite has always been a .410 bore O/U. As a youngster, I had a J C Higgins O/U with a .22 over and the 410 under. My O/U .410 now is a Stoeger and I'm very happy with it. Usually use 4 or 6-shot for birds and four shot for wabbits.
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