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  1. Olga

    R1 Recoil Pad

    The stock pad on the plastic stock is more than adequate I think. The whole stock is fine, this is one of the stronger sides of R1.
  2. Interesting, thanks for sharing this information!
  3. Same here, so far anyways. Have you tried to feed it one round at a time so that the magazine is empty? My R1 tightens up big time when magazine is not involved.
  4. Olga

    Now I'm Worried

    Right, that explains it, you shot a single shot rifle Try to feed manually with empty mag or without mag and then try to feed a full mag and compare the results. Also when you shoot from the mag mark your shots in the order they were shot from the mag and then compare several groups to see if there is a pattern in how the sequence works. Do it at least at 100 yards. Yes, I believe R1 can be handloaded to be a reasonably consistent 2" gun. Have not done it myself yet though. Nothing will go wrong after 50 rounds or 200 rounds in one session. The issue is corrosion. And corrosion takes time. If you fire and clean your bore for a few sessions but do not take apart the piston assembly (my manual says the piston assembly does not need any cleaning) and then leave it for a while it will start to disintegrate. Eventually pieces of the piston will brake off and the rifle will no longer cycle. If you take apart the piston assembly after every session and clean it you'll be fine (other than the time wasted on babying your piston). Sure, let us know what your R1 can do. By the way, other than these two problems (excessive cleaning requirements and lack of accuracy) R1 is an amazing rifle and fun to shoot. Adjustable stock is very nice, and the whole thing looks cool. Five year warranty is good too. Trigger could be better, but semiauto trigger should not be compared to a bolt or single shot trigger. If Benelli came out with a piston made of corrosion-resistant material and replaced all pistons out there it would fix the biggest problem of all. Or at least if they made cheap replacement pistons available so that we could buy a few spares and treat them as consumables.
  5. Olga

    Now I'm Worried

    I am having trouble comprehending what you written here. Help me out: You shot three groups at 50 and they were consistent one hole groups. Clover shape with 300 WM means at most .308" group size, right? That's a very consistent result to have three groups like that and no groups that are not like that. Then the same shooter fired at least three other groups with the same ammo at 100 and your groups opened up between 4 and 6.5 times. Why did your groups opened up so much when moving from 50 to 100?
  6. Olga

    Now I'm Worried

    I don't believe you will get a consistent 1/2" out of R1 fed from the magazine. Hammer Benelli? How exactly? There are two problems: 1. if you don't clean the piston after every session it falls apart. Literally. Benelli will replace disintegrated piston under warranty. But first you have to keep shooting and not cleaning like a maniac knowing that your rifle will malfunction soon and you don't know exactly when. That may be ok for a range only rifle, but not something you take out to the bush. 2. Accuracy is absent. Keeping all 4 factory rounds fired from the magazine on the same sheet of paper at 100m is not a given. Benelli USA said since you are from Canada call the guys in Canada. The guys in Canada said "sure, send it to us we will shoot it". When I described the alternating pattern from the magazine both reps said they never heard of it. I know of at least two other 30-06 R1s that have the same behavior. So what do you suggest I do- send it to them so they can shoot it? They all are lemons by design. Even if you get a magical R1 that shoots all rounds into one hole you still have the piston problem. And that affects each and every R1. The alloy it is made of seems to be applied there to reduce recoiling mass. But it does not hold up without excessive cleaning. So congratulations, you've got a lemon. The one solution I know of for the piston problem is to ignore the cleaning after each session, buy a few spare pistons and just replace them once in a while- like once or twice a year to be sure they won't fall apart. The problem is that you can buy another rifle for the price of a couple or three pistons. That crappy alloy is either overpriced or expensive.
  7. That is encouraging to hear. I have tried several types of Winchester, several types of Federal, several types of Hornady, Remington and Fusion so far. Shooting from the magazine I cannot always keep all 4 shots on a sheet of paper! If I feed the chamber groups tighten up by about 3".
  8. Did anybody test their R1s to compare accuracy with empty magazine vs shooting a loaded magazine to the last round? Here is what I have observed with 30-06 R1 at 100 yards: - keep magazine empty and load directly to the chamber: results are ok, can sometimes fire 5 shots into 2" square. - load four rounds into the magazine: first round shoots way left of target, second round shoots about 4" right of the first shot, third round goes left again not far from the first shot, fourth shot goes to the right close to the second shot. I have seen this happen consistently, including one group that measured way over 4" horizontally but under 1" vertically. It looks like based on the left or right position of the round in the magazine it alternates shooting to the left or right edge of the group.
  9. David, two questions: - do your R1s shoot MOA with any ammo other than Hornady 150 grn SST's? - did you try shooting at targets while feeding from the magazine? Do you still get MOA? My 30-06 R1 behaves VERY differently when fed into chamber with empty magazine vs when fed from the magazine with more rounds in the magazine.
  10. Took the rifle apart, wiped the parts, used the Italian perfume MF-82 on it, put it back together and it chambers properly now...
  11. Olga

    Gas Piston

    Steve, thanks for making the effort to share these pictures! I have the same green RCBS handle but I don't have the brush you have on it. What kind of brush is it? Do you use solvent on it to clear the cylinder? I only had 80 rounds through mine R1 (all recent, within one weekend) yet it took me about an hour to scrub under the rings and especially the pin that goes inside of the piston. Do you clean that pin as well? I had to completely remove it from the receiver to clean it all up. Regarding bore guide- I bought the same one you have but never used it because it is not tight enough to align the rod properly. I am getting a custom bore guide made that will keep the rod straight.
  12. Has anyone tried 30-06 "light magnum" rounds? Just wondering if these rounds are safe to use in R1...
  13. Olga

    Gas Piston

    Do you clean the rings only or do you also somehow clean the cylinder? As the cylinder is attached on the barrel I am not sure how to clean it...
  14. Zeiss Conquest, especially in low light (that's the model that I have and I looked side by side at Leupold VXIII before buying this). But both Conquest and Leupold are not great compared to the high end Zeiss scopes like the 1.5-6 version they have.
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