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  1. I love mine! 28" silver receiver. I put over 1000 Rio 1 oz. loads through it so far without any problems whatsoever. Everyone at the club likes the look of it but not the price tag for an autoloader, but they change their minds after shooting it. Really nice gun. Very well balanced, smooth swinging I love shooting it.
  2. I emailed Benelli and this was their very prompt reply: I stopped in the Benelli booth at the NRA convention in Indianapolis and the reps said accessories will be available com mid June 2014
  3. Check out our Cedarville Pheasant Hunt Scholarship Program . We are using this event to raise scholarship money for the students at Cedarville University who are actively involved in the shooting sports. If you can't make the hunt please consider other ways of supporting our students. Please feel free to like us on Facebook and help us spread the word. https://www.facebook.com/FallPheasantHunt [ATTACH=CONFIG]2301[/ATTACH]
  4. I'm painfully happy for you SgtCathy. I too know the joy, excitement and anticipation of longing for opening day of Grouse season, but alas, I haven't heard nor seen ones startling and thrilling wing beats since moving to the mid-west. I have discovered, much to my delight, excellent Dove shooting here. Nothing can ever compare to knocking a Ruff from the air with a shotgun, but trying to shoot a rocketing aerobatic little trickster while in flight has become a very close second for me now. I wish you all the joy, success and thrill that pursuing the king of the hardwoods have to offer. We will be on the Cape in Harwichport, Lord willing, the second week of November celebration my grandmothers 105th birthday.
  5. Light synthetic oil or synthetic grease work best for me. I prefer light synthetic oil if I will be changing them frequently, such as during a round of Sporting Clays or synthetic grease if I will be leaving them in for the hunting season. The oil allows for easy removal during frequent choke changes but will seek its own level over time as any liquid will. The grease will stay put for longer periods of time but offers mild resistance when trying to rapidly spin them out. My favorite synthetic oil is purchased by the quart at an automotive store and the synthetic grease bought by the pint at the same location.
  6. Scott, Further clarification: DX indicates cast off for right handed shooters SX indicates cast on for left handed shooters Z 45mm drop A 50mm drop B 55mm drop C 60mm drop D 65mm drop I don't remember what the factory default shim settings are but B DX or C DX would be good starting points for a right handed shooter.
  7. Scott, Try C DX. It has a small amount of cast off and medium drop.
  8. I'd love to check out the site but I will not create an account just to browse and "try it out".
  9. Greetings, I have a 12 gauge Cordoba. (same gun different asthetics) with the reduced power Wolff spring. It shoots 1 oz. 1180 fps loads flawlessly. Anything below that and I get an occasional cycling problem. My Father-in-Law has a 12 gauge Sport 2 (same gun different asthetics) with a stock recoil spring that shoots ANY light you put in it. It shoots 7/8oz. just fine and even cycles 3/4 oz loads. I used to own a 12 gauge Super Sport (same gun different asthetics) that had serious cycling problems. It wouldn't cycle factory 3 dram 1 1/8 loads. I Broke it in according to the manual with 3 boxes of heavy field loads (3 3/4 dram 1 1/4 ounces of shot). Then shot a about 500 hundred target loads through it all the while hoping the problem would work itself out, but it never did. 3 seperate returns to Benelli for warranty work didn't fix the problem, they kept blaming the ammo and said their test firing revealed no cycling problems. The dealer interviened by buying my gun back for the original price I paid and then offered me any gun in the store for 10% over dealer cost. I bought the Cordoba from him and shot 3 dram 1 1/8 ammo through it without a breaking it in without one single cycling problem. This was the same exact ammo that wouldn't work in the Super Sport. It was even from the same lot number. The Cordoba has performed superbly to date. I love everything about the gun except it's appearance. I am seriously missing the carbon fiber finish and polished receiver. I am contemplating buying a Super Sport for target shooting and using the Cordoba in the field. You might want to consider a Wolff reduced power hammer spring. It can lesson some of the friction one feels while pulling the trigger.
  10. After shooting and evaluating the light target loads I run through my Cordoba, I've come to a conclusion. My gun with the Wolff reduced power recoil spring will run 1 oz. loads travelling around 1180 f.p.s. consistently. Anything lighter in weight and or velocity will give me some cycling problems from time to time. The Wolff reduced power hammer spring has made my trigger pull feel lighter.
  11. I just got one from Wolff Gunspringsprings. I purchased the reduced power recoil spring. I haven't thoroughly tested it yet but the few light loads I ran through it worked perfectly. I shot half a dozen each of 3/4 oz and 7/8 oz 12 gauge loads through my Cordoba and can't wait to get to the range this coming Thursday to shoot a round of Sporting Clays with it.
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