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  1. Who makes that beautiful charging handle?
  2. I have the exact same set up. For my preferred cheek weld, my T1 sits too high. I am purchasing the urbino for both the shorter LOP and cheek riser to get my head in line with that T1 on the LaRue low mount. I'm really hopping it raises my cheek enough to be right behind the sight. Did you get yours yet? Does anyone else know if this riser is adequate for this set up?
  3. If there is one person who can appreciate a veteran, it's a fellow veteran. So to all those who served or are currently serving, Thank you. For all those waiting for a titanium charging handle from Kip, where do I get in line?
  4. It's been over a year, and no one has mentioned anything about Kip's charging handles. Did I miss out out some limited distribution, or is everyone patiently waiting?
  5. I think that's a good price because I paid $1500 for mine, and I shopped around. According to the rebate form all you need is to cut the UPC from the the box, complete the rebate form, and with the current rebate your sales receipt must have a dated sales receipt between August 1st and December 31st. You have until January 31st to get the above mailed off to them. It also states that you must have purchased your M4 from an authorized Benelli dealer. They just extended a rebate offer that has been going on for awhile. It's the same deal, but the old one had to have a sales receipt between May 1
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