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  1. Well, I gotta say, I got my gun back from Benelli and it is fixed. They got it right the first time and I'm glad. Also, to their credit, it took less than two weeks so I really didn't miss much. I also sent them a letter and got a phone call in response. They didn't offer me anything for the trouble I went through but I did say I was happy with the results so I guess they didn't feel too obligated. At least I got a phone call, more than I can say for other companies' customer service. It will be awhile before I can buy another gun and while I'm not happy that the new Benelli I bo
  2. Hi Southeastnc...I've got a similar problem. Check out this thread for more detail: http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=22562 Maybe it will help you, maybe not... but it sounds like the same problem to me.
  3. Not just the youth model, mine is a regular Nova 20ga and I've seen other threads that include the same model gun and the Super Nova as well. So go figure Fikester, sorry to hear about your experience with Benelli. It just makes me lose more hope that my gun will come back working. I'm giving Benelli one chance to fix this and if it still doesn't work I'm returning the gun for a refund/exchange. I've saved up some more money since I purchased this Nova so if I have to spend a little more for a better quality gun then so be it. I just thought I was starting out with a good quality gu
  4. Well, took it in this morning and the gunsmith said that he probably can't do much with it. He recently saw another Nova with the same problem and it had to go back to Benelli. He will probably have to send mine back too. Luckily it is under warranty and should not cost me anything. However, I will say that I am extremely disappointed. I just bought this gun brand new, it is my first. They could not tell me how long it would take to repair but mentioned 4-6 weeks if it has to go back to Benelli. So I have nothing to shoot until it comes back fixed . I can't help but think that I should ha
  5. That didn't work for me either. I will be taking it back to the dealer where I bought it. Maybe their gunsmith can do something with it.
  6. FYI: Here is the response I got from Benelli The carrier on that gun stays up when it is loaded until the slide is racked..then it comes down..if it is ejecting shells onto the ground pull the trigger group out and oil the pivot points for the carrier and move it by hand to see if there is any rough spots in it's travel..if you still have a problem after some oil then the gun may need to come in and have us look at it... I will try this and report my results here.
  7. I have the same problem with my Nova 20ga. It is brand new and only has about 350 shells through it (2 3/4"). At first it worked fine but now it is dumping shells from the mag out the bottom when racking after the first shot. I sincerely hope it is just a simple issue that can be fixed with a good cleaning. However, I've cleaned it several times and it's still happening (about 30% of the time for me). I sent email to Benelli and I will take it back to the dealer to be checked as soon as I can get there. I have been trying to find out more and here is what I could compile from the forums s
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