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  1. you still have it?

  2. Please anyone know why my fullsize tube is 5 shell capacity and the one kip and other sells are 7 shells?
  3. I want kip tube 7 + 1 and it seems my tube is full size but only hold 5 + 1
  4. rooky

    B&T Quadrail

    any more inputs on this rail, i really like it, it seems better than sidearmor quad rail or kz.
  5. i think i will buy the tlr2s, it has 160 lumens and laser and it cost 235 shipped.
  6. rooky

    MY M4

    You mean this rail http://www.sidearmor.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=28_30&products_id=70&zenid=4uj9f8h6bmaibeqt1u645cnva4
  7. rooky

    best sight for m4

    kk. Sorry for bothering. Thanks for the help!
  8. Excellent post. So conclusion would be 2.75 00 buckshot.... Whatever you find available. It is better to have 15 pellets than 9?
  9. rooky

    best sight for m4

    which one is the tallest mount?
  10. rooky

    best sight for m4

    Its true im super excited and want to customize it the best i can. I always go 0-100 in 2 or 3 seconds hehe. the gun is for home defense... i thought the t1 was great for this but i may be wrong. Where i live i cannot see any t1 sight to try it. I got a tlr2s light for a handgun i may try it in the m4 but probably i will buy something better for the m4. Ok i ll start with the 7 + 1 tube, thats for sure. After that i dunno... You guys think is better a tritium sight than a t1?
  11. mmm i think x400 is comparable with the tlr 2, and those fit better for a handgun. Maybe a bigger light for the m4?
  12. rooky

    best sight for m4

    ok so is the LT 661 the one? The mounting type VFZ or LEVER?
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