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  1. Had a $100 gift card for Cabela's and fully intended to get a Mossberg 590A1. My buddy just got one and we seem to copy each other in firearm purchases lately. The salesman started talking up the Benelli taking 3.5" shells which I have never shot before. And the Benelli Nova was $140 cheaper. So I walked out with it for $299. Happy Valentines to me. And to my wife . . . I guess I am going to probably tell her keep this in her craft room most of the time so I just loaded this with reduced recoil 00 buck. The M4 is too heavy for her and I think the pistol grip Mossberg 500 I have might be too unwieldy although she has shot both with slugs even. So who makes a good extension?
  2. Interesting about the forend. The clear looking one on the site is just a sample right? I need it in black.
  3. I stored mine barrel down for a few weeks. Then I put on a tactical choke. Stopped storing it that way since I thought it could be harmful to have that pressure on the choke threads.
  4. I bought the Freedom Fighter one recently. Their website says 15.99 grams. I'll order Kip's probably since he gets such good reviews on here.
  5. Still haven't sent mine in yet, but I thought the sticker UPCs in the box WERE for the rebates. I hate rebates.
  6. It still has my interest. It will be hard to wait a year for the second season.
  7. How about the bottle of stuff that came with the M4? Is that a cleaner, a lube or both? How is it?
  8. I never even noticed the sound until I took it apart and got it back together the first time. My first thought was "I broke it!" Then I remembered the pistons.
  9. I saw this a a couple of weeks ago. Didn't know it was new. I went with Sidearmor though and installed it last night.
  10. This is on my to do list. I just don't trust rebates. I have had bad experiences in the past with mobile phones. Of course I had great turnaround time for Lowe's paint last year. I am guessing Benelli doesn't have anywhere near the number to process as some companies.
  11. New Benelli M4 owner here. Walking Dead got me out of lurk mode. Love love love the comic book. Will be watching this at some point this week. Probably via Amazon streaming since I don't have cable! If anyone is interested in reading a good chunk of the comic all at once, Amazon and other stores have a trade paperback available with 48 full issues crammed in there.
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