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  1. Hogwild, I didnt wait until the season to use my gun. It got plenty of use at the range and during dove and early teal season and it worked flawlessly. I get out and shoot regularly at least once or twice a week with my gun. So please dont talk trash unless you know what happened. If you dont know feel free to ask before you bash me. I'll be happy to answer any questions anyone has about this. I never once bad mouthed benelli, i have been happy with their products and so far they have been very helpful with their customer service. I simply posted this to see what kind of experiences other peop
  2. I had a barrel blow up on me on me 2 weeks ago while huntin. Nearly took my hand off. Been told it was probably a stuck wad in the barrel but I sent it to Benelli to let them check it out.
  3. Duck - #2 or#4 Modified Gees & Cranes - 3.5" BB Modified
  4. I just went with the Nova and put a Limbsaver on it. The limbsaver really helped out a lot. Nova with the limbsaver feels better than my friends SBE II. That's just my opinion though.
  5. Beautiful gun you have there. Congrats.
  6. Well, my warranty issue is pretty severe, and I understand them wanting to get to the source of the issue. So I am hoping it might be given priority due to its severity. I just don't know about waiting 3-4 months to get this resolved. On top of that they would not guarantee me anything as far as a refund or replacement. I guess I may have to start calling them several times a week to see if I can speed up this process. Duck season just started and I am already sidelined for the season until they figure this out. Thanks for the input guys.
  7. Hi guys, Im new to the forum. Just wanting to get some input on Benelli's customer service from those of you who may have dealt with them before. I recently sent my Nova in for some warranty issues and I was told 3-4 months before I get taken care of. Well, I guess my question is, how was you're experience in dealing with their customer service? Good or bad id just like to have an idea on what to expect. I know everyones experience varies but it would be good to get a wide range of opinions. Any serious input would be greatly appreciated.
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