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  1. The wife and I both use Remington 20 ga. model 1100's with English stocks. I generally use #8's, sometimes backed up with a #7.5, it just depends how things are going etc. If we are hunting with friends, we then go to the O/U guns which are Weatherby 20ga Athena grade shotguns.
  2. Opening day was yesterday morning and I got deer lined up taking tickets to see who gets to stay in the compound with the dogs. Yep, we feed deer and turkey and once the shooting starts, then know where to come to keep out of danger and get a good meal of corn. I counted a total of 23 yesterday but only 2 nice shooter bucks in the bunch. A 11 pointer that would go 160 and this 8 pointer with about 140 on his rack.
  3. If the gun shoots consistant like you stated, "6 inches left" then just make sure that is were he aims for now. It can take several days and half dozen different types of slugs to get the gun sighted in on a bullseye. Then again you may NOT do any better but spent a bunch of money on slugs. Harvey Pennick (renouned golf instructor) once said: "YOU dance with whom you brought to the ball" So keep what you have for now and aim to the left 6-inches!
  4. I have used several brands of rifle slugs over the years, this is something a hunter just must find out for yourself at the shooting range. Now what works great in one shotgun will shoot wide groups in another. It is simply trial and error when finding the "sweet slug" for your gun. I have had good success with both Winchester and Remington shotgun slugs.
  5. I too love to hunt elk! It's been awhile since my last big bull was taken but I still love those rocky mountains and being out there doing so. I have used several calibers during those years, everything from a 25-06, 270 Win, 30-06, .300 Win mag, .338 Win mag and .375H&H I don't advise anything smaller than the 30-06 for bull elk and 180 grain bullet.
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