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  1. as far as velocity goes I looked at some ammo today for the 3 1/2 that was like 1600 fps thats fast enough for me, and like the old guys arround here say (you will spend more on ammo than u will on your gun) DS
  2. good thing i didnt buy that choke yet, didnt have the money today, ill probably get rid of the full choke , maybe toss it , and get the extended smooth choke I also saw today WITHOUT RIFLING im not gonna buy any choke till I can take the gun into the store and make sure its gonna fit properly befor I buy it right now i need a wrench to get the old one out thanx for the help thats why im here DS
  3. like i said i dont know a lot about chokes and steel I bought this shotgun primarily for geese I just recently got a 16 ga side by side for upland birds I do like the idea of being able to change chokes with your fingers instead of many turns with a wrench goose hunting here is primarily high flyovers and people here swear by BBs for geese , or a ten guage DS
  4. also i want to shoot 3 1/2 steel BBs You have to use steel here in Colorado it came with a full choke like i said i got it used
  5. I wanted the longer tube for the gradual compression and 1 mor inch i intend to us it with the orriginal choke for ducks then
  6. I love my new CZ side by side 16 the quality is just imaculate Id buy another, and when im looking for a deer rifle again CZ will be one of the first ill check out DS
  7. when I was a kid i shot my stepdads Savage side by side sixteen 26 inch and got really good with it , then when he passed away about ten years ago, I inherited it ,the stock was cracked so i offed it... sure missed it , so about a month ago I bought another side by side sixteen CZ the quality is imaculate !!! took it out the past few weekends and that good old feeling is back, have put six boxes through it and just love it ! just bought a 12 ga Benelli Nova 26 inch 3 1/2 this weekend for geese cant wait to go try it out I really like the sisteen for upland birds bu will u
  8. I got the NOVA 12 Ga 26 inch barrel it only came with one choke so i went looking today at my local outdoors store and found an extended choke that will work with the Nova it also has light riffeling in it that supposed to give it a little twist called a goose getter cant wait to go try it out thanx again for the info DS
  9. thanx for the info in advance,,, I wanted a Supernova because of the Comfortec system in 12 Ga, 28 inch 3 1/2 camo but was looking at the price tag of a new one, then today i went to my favorite pawn shop and theres a NOVA 12 Ga. in black synthetic ,3 1/2, 26'' in like never shot condition !!! so I go to the other pawn shop i usualy go to to check prices and see a really nice Browning 3 1/2 inch 28 inch barrel , fine wood stock for 6 and some change so as u can imagine I ran back to my favorite shop and did some trading and got the Nova for $329.oo since it doesnt have
  10. Oh Yeagh .... whats bismuth shot? how does it work? and what does it cost compared to lead.. or coppercoat steel shot????????????????
  11. Ive been looking at getting back into Goose hunting, and possibly turkey hunting I also dont want to pay like a thousand bucks for a shotgun then I looked at the Supernova as opposed to the 870 moneywise I cant see paying the money for a high end Winchester. I called Benelli and found out that it does have a chrome lined barrel. which I think all wet weather shotguns should have, and easier to keep clean between weekends I just have a few questions before I buy the Supernova 12 Ga 28 inch camo like about prices for 3 1/2 inch shells as opposed to 3 inch will it shoot
  12. I love Rugers, U get more for your money , but I recently traded my mini 3O for an Romanian Ak its easier to clean and cheaper ammo and just a blast to shoot... but for home defense I think 1911s are my first choice ! DS
  13. yep yep was making me pretty mad too I posted a thread asking if the supernova has a chrome lined barrel and no post- no answer this morning I called Benelli at the number in their catalog 1 888-benelli , three times and it went beep and hung up all three times then today at noon I called their other number and got through and answered my Q yes the supernova has a chrome lined barrel it would have been nice if they had mentioned it in their catalog....... DS
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