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  1. Slow season here in TN.
  2. I have no problem with 3"
  3. Brand new, black steadygrip stock. Part #60015. Fits M2, SBEII, and Supernova. Includes recoil pad. I bought this last year to use for turkey hunting but never got around to installing it. $110 shipped TYD.
  4. Can someone tell me the choke constrictions for the M2 factory crio choke tubes? Thanks
  5. Hey guys, Curious as to what works well in your M2 or SBEII setups?
  6. Id get rid of it for $30.. they go for $50 shipped on Tru locks website.
  7. Ive got a Tru Lock .665 for that gun if your interested. I used to have a super nova before I bought the M2. It patterned really well with this choke and Hevi-13. As far as lead I had good luck with Winchester Supreme
  8. Thanks for the advice guys! After hearing from you all and speaking with the folks at IC I got the .665 and some Hevi-13 3-2-6 to try out on the pattern board.
  9. Hello fellow turkey chasers.. I have decided to try an Indian Creek choke and Hevi-13 in my M2. Which constriction should I go with? .665? Thanks!
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