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  1. Correct and to further add it doesn't come with the adjustable shims as well, no hard gun case, and only 3 chokes instead of 5. Fine by me, as it saved me a good $400 off the M2 field. Same exact internals for the gun, without all the extra gimmicks. As someone mentioned, if your worried about recoil (didn't affect me whatsoever and I was shooting a light twelve Browning A5 2 3/4" before this gun, and both are lightweight and not a lot of recoil, you can get a limbsaver pad or another stock butt insert. no need to worry about adjustable shims as long as you make sure the gun fits you b
  2. Hard case = $40 if you must, 2 more chokes = $60-100, limbsaver or other replacement butt for more comfort if needed = $30-70 Average savings on M2 American over M2 Field = $300-400 range. For someone who doesn't care about all the extras, the American is a **** of a deal because your getting a well-built Benelli at a heck of a price.
  3. just posted in another thread but my dicks offered $100 off this shotgun until Jan 1st for being over a certain price point, got it for $799 today plus taxes.
  4. Dick's in St. Louis, listed for $899, they have a $100 off promotion through January 1 for some shotguns over $800 price point, so bought for $799 plus taxes. Got the M2 American Black Synthetic 26"
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