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  1. My measurements put the width of the rib at 0.3165". You could try using a Hi Viz S300-G which is their magnetic front sight and runs about $15: It attaches to the vent rib easily and doesn't move around at all:
  2. I'm not sure if this is the same one as in that photo, but if you're looking for one with side rails in the front, Sidearmor makes one:
  3. I purchased my 24" SN with a Comfortech stock. Overall I prefer the Comfortech to a PG stock but I figure I can pick up a Mesa Tactical Urbino down the road - and hopefully it will have a little shorter LOP than the factory PG stock.
  4. Engineer

    MR1 Magazine

    If you like PMAGs, Riflegear has modified 20-rounders here If you prefer C-Products, they have modified 20-round magazines and 30-round magazines.
  5. Engineer

    MR1 Magazine

    So here's one more post and
  6. Engineer

    MR1 Magazine

    I can't even post them cold.
  7. Engineer

    MR1 Magazine

    Apparently I need to have 5 posts to post links.
  8. Engineer

    Benelli alert

    My friend and I both picked up M2 American's from Dick's during their sale. I put on a Limbsaver buttpad and a couple other accessories from Nordic Components. What a great shotgun!
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