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  1. I use a Carlson's "Mid Range" Black Cloud choke tube for my SBE II and it seems to work well. I shoot Black Cloud exclusively. I found that the Carlson's tube was the least expensive, and from research from some of my fellow hunters, the Carlson's tube works as well as others.
  2. Well, if you have the $$$ for the Speed Bead, by all means, give it a go. I use a Champion "Easy Hit" fiber optic personally. You pay your money and take your choice.
  3. I also heard within the past day or so that Cabela's dropped him as soon as they heard he was charged, and they are offloading his products. Apparently they will not order anything from him in the future... Kind of looks like the sponsors are jumping ship so to speak...
  4. Dude, I feel your pain. I've got a Showtime, Meat Grinder, and Dead Meat Mallard too....I'll be looking to get rid of them. The bad thing is I'm going to have to hunt some to replace them, as I am no Zink fan either. If that plea agreement goes through, we as hunters need to send him a message. I'll bet he put up a boatload of cash to his attorney to get that type of plea agreement. I'll bet the $100,000.00 was going to be put up as hunts were booked and/or paid for this year. Unless he had some type of "slush fund" or "rainy day fund", which he can draw from. I don't think
  5. There is a simple solution, however, a lot of Foiles supporters would not agree... We don't do him any business, either at his club for hunts, or buy his gear. Ever. In perpetuity. Just because the injustice system didn't mete out what we may think is appropriate punishment, maybe we as potential customers should vote with our hard earned money not to support him. That would get his attention.
  6. I just bought an SBE II and when the Super Vinci came out I began to question the purchase. With that said, the SBE II has been proven, and most of the bugs have been worked out of it. I cannot speak about the Vinci as I have not handled one. However, with it being a "new" design, I would wait on the Vinci until any teething problems are addressed. Remington just came out with their Versa Max, and they already have a recall on some of the hammers in the guns. You pay your money and take your choice.
  7. Sgt11

    jeff foiles

    This guy has been indicted Federally on 23 counts. I read the indictment, and if any of the counts are accurate, this guy is hosed. You don't just walk away from a Federal indictment, much less 23 separate counts. The charges range from overbagging in the US and Canada, falsifying kill records at his hunt club, and even allegedly shooting banded geese in a public park somewhere just for the bands. I will shamefully admit that I have bought his videos, two calls and one flag. I have contacted his shop and requested my account information be deleted as I will no longer do any sort of
  8. Sgt11


    I use a Carlson's "Mid Range" Black Cloud choke tube, as I use Federal Black Cloud ammo. The only reason I obtained the tube was that the gun seemed to pattern better with that tube, and that the Carlson's tube did not cost an arm or a leg to buy.
  9. I use a Carlson's Black Cloud "Mid Range" choke tube in my SBE II, and it seems to work well if I do my job. The good thing about the Carlson's tube (if you really need it) is that it is about half the price of some of the others, such as Patternmaster.
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