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  1. I'm sure its been asked but couldn't find it. Couple questions. I have a SBE2 with crio chokes, its my understanding they are already extended (longer parallel section) but still flush with barrel. I know every gun is different, but in general will an extended choke(like carlson) really help any as far as pattern? Also I have read that the extended choke helps protect the barrel by choking the shot at the end and not inside the barrel. I shoot a lot of steel, anything from 4 to BBB(1450 to 1550fps). Do I need an extended choke for this purpose? Thanks,
  2. I would have to agree with the 1 3/4 out to 50 I thought after patterning them. But the 1st shot I took was with a leftover 1 3/4 at 48 on a standing still bird, hit him but didn't go down. The second shot was with the 2 1/4 after he landing and was running, knocked him dead at 56. The third shoot was after I handed my gun to my partner who only had his bow and shot the second bird dead at 64. We misjudged the distance. I wouldn't recommend that distance but after cleaning the bird, it had 5 pellets in the head. Can you kill birds with the 1 3/4, yes, but for money I'll
  3. This weekend I was able to take 2 turkeys, 1 at 56, and another at 64. I shoot a SBEII with a jellyhead choke and 3.5in 2 1/4 hevi 13 #6. Also, the 1 3/4 oz hevi 13 are no good!!! Make sure you get the 2 1/4oz. Don't know if that helps.
  4. Okay, gun seems to be working fine now. I did get the new spring today in the mail. So, the question is should I go ahead and put the new spring in? To spring or not to spring, that is the question.
  5. Hunted saturday, wasn't as cold but gun function much better. Eat through every shell that hung up last time. Must have had something gummed up in the trigger assemble. Will see what happens when it really cold again, but could tell gun functioning very smooth again.
  6. Thanks remarkable, I was actually refering to your posts. Thank you for all your insight, very helpful!
  7. Felt like it may be catching in the trigger assembly, so completely cleaned with gun scrubber and reoiled littly with G96. Did feel a little smoother, but will not get out until this weekend. Read a couple other post and cleaned the magazine and stretched the spring to help with feeding. Does seem to happen only when it is cold, so ordered the Wolf xp recoil spring. Will let you know if it makes it better. Spring will not be in until after this weekend, so should know if it was the trigger assemble or spring. Figured the spring couldn't hurt as I shoot mainly heavy loads.
  8. I would say normal to less then normal. Primarly use for hunting (duck, goose, pheasant, turkey). Will shoot sporting clays maybe once a year. Maybe 10- 12 boxes a year. 2 pheasant hunting, 2 sporting clays, 1-3 shells turkey, and 6-8 boxes duck and goose. Also 2 boxes this year dove hunting.
  9. Having problems cycling pheasant hunting and now duck hunting. All loads from heavy 2 3/4 (1 1/2 oz shot kents) to 3 1/2. Took apart recoil spring and completely cleaned gun. Gun had cycling problems in first year when it got really cold and I switched to G96 gun oil and haven't had any problems until now. Any ideas, gun only 3 years old? Thanks in advance.
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